#34 Sew and #43 Flavor Trip

An update on the 101 in 1001!

#34 Buy a sewing machine and sew something!
A few weeks ago, I took an uber basic sewing class and ended up making this small orange pouch. While it does count as meeting the requirement for the completion of this item, I’ll probably take a few more classes and make something a little more complex than the bag. It was a great experience, and I’m not afraid of using a sewing machine now. The instructor went over all the parts of the sewing machine and how to load up the thread in all the right places.

#43 Flavor-trip on the miracle fruit.
Jenn invited me to her 27th birthday party, which was basically a miracle fruit party! It was very cool tasting how normally sour things were sweet! I probably ingested too much in the acidic category though… I wasn’t feeling so great in the evening, but it was also due to the mixing of drinks and being out in the sun much too long in the early afternoon before the party.

Sadly, I missed Bay to Breakers this year. Was still recovering from the previous day.

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  • Yeah, that was probably why I started feeling sick… I didn’t drink vinegar, but I ate a lot of kimchi. ;)

  • yes = real friend. ;) lol. <3

  • Wow I really love your 101 list! I’m going to link you to my page if that’s ok :)

    Good luck with the rest of your list!