About 1-Month Post-Op

Hi there, it’s been about one month after surgery. I have been back at work for a week and a half. The liquid diet is definitely taking its toll, and I am on power-save mode. Luckily, that’s been okay at work. We don’t have any major deadlines that require overtime or anything, so I have been slowly getting back into gear. Aside from low energy, I am feeling pretty good. My face hurts now and then, but not to the point of being unbearable. At night, if my jaw feels clenched and uncomfortable, I take a little pain medicine, so I can fall asleep. I have read on some forums that some experience pain below the ears, and I haven’t had that. *phew* Still feeling numbness in the lower left lip + chin in that area.

Total weight loss has been around seven pounds. My clothing is loose, and I refuse to buy anything tighter because I can only assume that I will gain it all back as soon as the chompers are working. One more week until I may possibility be free of the splint/bands. Not free completely because they will replace them with removeable bands, but that opens a lot of doors in terms of what I can consume! *fingers crossed that I hear good news next week* It’s hard to smile when you’ve got a splint and bands in place. I’m hoping all the smiling and laughing is good exercise for the jaw because I’m doing a lot of it these days. My friends are hilarious, what can I say?

In the meantime, I have gone on select outings. As seen in the last entry, a Gaga-themed party. Also the birthdays of a few friends, along with a soup party this past weekend. It was hosted at the new house since we didn’t really have another venue. RV and Keane moved the couch in, so there was seating for all. It was a good time, and I can see the house being a great spot to host gatherings in the future. The kitchen needs some work though, so I have to get on that soon.

The parents are back from vacation, so RV is relieved of food duty for the time being. One more week, so excited!

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