Always a Toyota Girl

I’ve owned two cars in my life and have really only driven three regularly. Cars are one of those things that you have very few of in your life if all goes well, and I’ve been pretty lucky. Every single one was a Toyota – Corolla, Matrix, and Prius. You can’t really blame me though. It started in the family. Aside from my father’s ’85 Accord, every car since then has been a Toyota – Corolla, Rav4, Sienna, and my sister’s Scion TC. My dad is about to buy his next car, and he has his eyes set on a Lexus, another Toyota brand. See, it can’t be helped!

I was recently invited to join Toyota Women Influencer Network [TWIN], and of course, I jumped at the chance. It is an online discussion group focused on vehicle choice, driving, and the Toyota brand. They asked that we share with our readers what our dream Toyota vehicle is.

I’m pretty happy with my current 2nd Generation Prius. If I had to pick a dream vehicle, it’d have to be the Prius V look [like an older Matrix] with the gas mileage of the hybrid plug-in. 87 mpg ftw! With Sasha in tow, I might opt for one of the SUV-types instead. Here’s dreaming that they one day will have amazing gas mileage!

What’s your dream car look like? Has your family influenced your automobile preferences?

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I am a member of the Toyota Women’s Influencer Network (TWIN). All opinions are 100% my own.

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  • How funny. I am a Honda girl (though my first car was a Toyota).

  • Family has definitely influenced me. My uncle was a mechanic at Toyota for years. We have had it all between grandparents, to cousins. Supra, Tercel, Corolla, Camry, Rav 4, and 4 Runner. I would get a Rav 4 myself. I’d LOVE a Lexus if I had the money. 

    • Ryan’s family is all about Fords. Definitely has a lot to do with what you’re used to. :)

      • Most of the cars I great up with weren’t very good. Blown transmissions, weird quality issues, etc. I actually wanted a Honda or Toyota :p

        My mind didn’t really change until I got my current Escape.

  • I drove a 2005 Toyota Corolla before I moved to Korea and I loved it: it was safe, low-maintenance, and fuel efficient! I plan on buying a newer Corolla when I move back to the States (maybe 2010?).

  • I’ve never been brand loyal to a car and hate to be a negative Nancy but…..I hate my Toyota. I had an Isuzu Rodeo for 10 years and loved that tyhing then traded it in during the Cash for Clunkers program and now have a Corolla. This thing has been a thorn in my side for the past two years (I actually just got back inside from having to inspect the engine to see why my Maintance Required light is coming on). I cannot wait to trade in the thing as soon as I can.

    Sorry, guess I just needed to vent!

    • It’s good to know! The maintenance light comes on every 5K miles for its oil change. That’s annoying because you’re like, is something else wrong? However, it’s a good reminder, and I can usually tell when it isn’t due for one yet. I think that’s the point of the network though. Find out what’s bothering people about Toyota as well as what we would like to see. What other things about it are things I should mention to them?

  • I was super close to investing in a Matrix once, but then I realized vehicles cost money.  My family *was* a supporter of Nissan vehicles until my parents divorced. With that said, loyalty is a great thing. :]

  • think it was an ’85 accord, ’87 corolla.. haha 

    hmm my next car would be probably prius related also.. 

    • You’re right! I updated the date. 

  • I just bought one of the Lexus CT200h hybrids. It’s built on the Matrix/Corolla chassis but has the Prius engine. I love it. It’s quiet, gets great gas mileage, and has lots of features including the Bluetooth streaming audio that I wasn’t able to find in the Volvo C30 or the Audi A3. I wanted a hatchback for the dog, and it has worked out great. 

    My last car, which I really loved, was a 2003 Passat 4Motion wagon. That thing could haul a** and haul anything and everything you’d ever want to take with you. It had more bells and whistles than my Lexus. There’s something about the steering in a German car. You really feel connected with the road.

    • I definitely want to find a dog-friendly car for my next car. :) 

  • I’m a Toyota girl at heart too. I can’t get enough. My RAV4 is one of my favorite things.

    • What year is your Rav 4? My dad had one, and it was nothing but trouble. I thought it was cursed. I think it was that specific car though. :P

      • I had a 1999, then a 2005 (which might have been cursed because people kept hitting it), and now I’m got a 2011. They’ve all been great, except for the one people kept running into. I never had any issues with my ’99 and I drove it almost to 100,000 miles. What year was your dad’s?

        • One between 95 and 99. It was the one that reminded me of the car from Dumb and Dumber. :P It would always get hit or have other maintenance issues. He probably spent more on repairs and maintenance than the car itself, so when it got totaled late last year, I was like, oh GOOD, new car!

  • Tulsa Boudreaux

    I”ve owned two Toyota Cressidas and absolutely loved both.I recently sold my 1992 Cressida because of age. Mine not the car. Ha Ha

  • Gento

    Not loyal to any brand other than my “wallet”. 

  • Adpeddler

    Have 216K on a 1998 Avalon and it’s going strong. My third Toyota.

    • That’s quite some mileage! 

  • QOS

    My sister had a Corolla back in the 70’s.  I now am on my 2nd Toyota – first was a 2000 Camry that my son still drives – over 250k miles on it now.  I have a 2007 Rav4.  Hubby is on his 2nd Tundra – he loves his 2007 Tundra and liked the 2000 model as well.  Daughter is on her 2nd Corolla.  She wreaked the first 2007 one – hydroplaned on IH-10 spun around and slammed the cement girder on the right, spun around 3 lanes of highway and slammed into the other side, spun into the center of the highway and was clipped by an 18 wheeler.  She walked out with literally just a scratch.  We bought her another Corolla.  It is a 2010 model I believe.  My sister was a service writer for Toyota and she has drove them and my mom has sister’s Matrix now.  Love my Toyota!

  • Chris Fox

    The Toyota Revolution in my family began in ’76 when my Dad’s VW Bug was stolen. With all of me and my twin brother’s birthday presents. Cops found the car, stripped, three days later. He bought a new, blue 1976 Corolla. We called it “The  Blue Bomber”.  My Mom got a Corolla a few years later with a hatchback. I can’t even begin to tell you all the places we went in those little Toyotas. Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, Death Valley, Canada, Baja… When I was old enough to drive, I bought a Ford. A ’73 Gran Torino that all my friends called “The Green Burrito”. That car lasted three months. I then bought an ’83 Toyota 4×4 pickup in 1990. It had 25k when I bought it and had over 750k by the time I was done with it. I finally sold it in 2006 when I paid cash for one of the first FJ Cruisers in California. I proceeded to add another 15k in modifications (Off-road bumpers, winch, lift kit, racing suspension, etc…) and my truck made it into the Top Reader’s Rides annual edition of 4Wheel and Offroad Magazine. The only one in the family that doesn’t have a Toyota is my twin brother… I’m beginning to think he was adopted…

    • My mom might have had a similar Corolla, back when they had hatchbacks! We took that one everywhere – Disneyland, Yosemite, Tahoe. 

  • CC

    I love my Toyota Corolla!  It is a 1999, has 180,000 miles on it and has only ever needed a starter!  I know people who have new vehicles and they have problems with them in the first year.  I don’t ever want to drive anything but a Toyota!  If that wasn’t a possibility, my next choice would be a Honda.  (I was once told by a mechanic that if I didn’t want to spend time in a garage then I needed to get a Toyota or a Honda.)

  • Shareholder

    I’ve had several Toyotas.  Every one has been a great vehicle.  My first was a 4Runner, would still be driving it if my wife didn’t total it, she was fine, the car was not so much… Just traded my 2005 Scion tC with 180K on it for a Kia Optima.  I’ve read a great deal about Hyundai Motors recently and I like the fact that my new Optima is made in the U.S. – and has a top safety rateing.  My first Korean car, so we’ll see.  I also owned 2 Subaru’s.  Both were wonderful cars and all wheel drive.  I’m excited to see the FRS – Toyota needs a sports car, and the FRS should fill the bill.  I’d like to see a 2 seat roadster, like the MR-2 again.  My dream car, a Bugatti Veyron…..

  • Zeke

    Wow, you have owned TWO cars! Well, YOUR opinion certainly matters! How about getting outside your liberal progressive bubble, and buy an AMERICAN car? You know, ones made by American companies, that employ Americans?

    • It might surprise you to know that most Toyota cars are almost entirely built in the U.S. (parts and assembly). In fact, “American” auto companies manufacture many car parts in Mexico. My Ford Escape is 65% U.S.-made parts, while a Toyota Camry is 80% U.S. parts, so it’s certainly not as black and white as you’d think.

      Also consider that American auto companies weren’t making very reliable cars until about 10 years ago, and it took a mass-exodus to Japanese cars like Toyota and Honda to turn it around. Prior to that time most Americans never considered anything made outside of the U.S., and GM/Chrysler/Ford got lazy because pride/loyalty competed in lieu of quality.

      • Zeke

        I’m not surprised at all – I knew you would go there to defend buying a foreign car. Where do the profits go? Japan, China, Korea. American cars have always been reliable, but the unions and dumb management made it had (and still does) for the American companies to be more agile in making cars that suit the trends. And now the trends are set by government more than the consumer.

        • The profits are a valid concern, but also consider with my earlier example that the Camry contributes 20 jobs per 100 cars, while my Escape contributes 13 per the same 100. My only point was that the argument isn’t as simple as saying American automobiles have a lock on American jobs.

  • Flashstar6

    Listen and hear , what happening last time I read the consumer reports book for long time ago… That I brought the Toyota Camry LE, 1995… It was very nice style car, but it really piece of junk I ever have to fixed my car camry  by myseft and cost alot of money to replace every parts … But reason why these Toyota have a cheap interior and other engine big falling parts, alot of etc… I wonder why america people keep say that they love japanese cars??? I will never to buy a car from Toyota ever again… My friend keep telling me , that happened them same things, it junk!!! Sorry america don’t understand alot about the cars… it not perfect at all…. Consumer reports books lier and it not Reliable at all again… Just to buy any new car… Thank you…

  • Tm_stone

    nothing beats a full frame american car. just streach out and enjoy the interstate or drive it downtown and it just eats the bumps up. a nice crown vic or grand marquis is just the ticket and they are built like a tank. good luck in your toyota when that suburban runs a red light and t-bones you. make sure you have a will and life insurance for your family.

    • Flashstar6

      That true!

  • I’m such a Prius girl! Before it I had a Lexus and I thought it couldn’t get any better than that, boy was I wrong!!!

  • Lisa Lowe

    Most of my family own Toyotas. Between my parents, siblings, and in-laws there are 2 Camrys, an Avalon. 2 4-Runners, Rav-3, Solara, and a Tundra. E have an Avalon that now has 340,000+ miles on it, it is our daily vehicle and is still going strong.

    • Flashstar6

      AAAAhhh hahah , lier whole things……  I got a Camry was pretty suck….

  • Moshe Man

    I loved all my Toyotas, 83 Corolla SR5, 90 Carmry, 2005 Prius and my current 2010 Prius all great cars. Got anywhere from 175,000 miles to 250,000+ miles on each car. Drove other cars Hyundai, Nissan but none compare to Toyota…..  


    Had 1 1998 toyota truck ..  sold it.  Will not buy another toyota because they will give active duty personnal $500.00 discount. But not RETIRED Military.
    So bought a jeep.  Love that car.