Eat Coos Bay : At The Chef’s Table

Coos Bay is the home of the Oregon Coast Culinary Institute. Every Friday, OCCI opens its doors to the public for lunch and dinner through the externship program, The Chef’s Table. When Katherine heard that Ryan and I had both taken Friday off to make the drive up to Coos Bay, she made reservations for us!

The culinary school is located on the Southwestern Oregon Community College campus, which is nearly a straight shot from the hotel up. It’s very easy to get to and easy to find, even in the dark.

The Chef's Table - appetizer

Trio of Stuffed Phyllo Triangles – our favorite of the three was the one on the left – caramelized onions! Three seemed to be heavy for an appetizer, especially since Ryan and I each had our own plates.

The Chef's Table - soup

Vegetable Beef Barley – I was pretty full after the soup course! The portions were quite generous, and I don’t think my stomach was prepared for it. The beef barley was hearty, perfectly seasoned to my taste.

The Chef's Table - entree

Roasted Cornish Game Hen – more meat than I can eat in one sitting… It came with a rice pilaf and veggies, which I went right for. The game hen was very tender – the meat came right off the bones.

The Chef's Table - dessert

Raspberry Pear Galette, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with a Raspberry Coulis – I ate the insides with the ice cream and took just a few bites of the crust. By this time, I really had no more room for more, but it looked too delectable to resist. Yum!

Honestly, if Ryan and I had shared all of the courses, it would have been the perfect serving size. There was just so much food!

Our meal was comped, but lunch and dinner are normally $15-$25 per person. Reservations for The Chef’s Table are currently limited to 30 people, so if you know you’ll be in the area on a Friday, call ahead to reserve a space! It’s a pretty relaxed/casual setting. Most of the other guests the night we dined there were family/friends of the students.

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  • Wow! The food looks great :)
    It does look like a lot—I would definitely want to share too, that way you get to eat some of everything but not have to end up stuffed!

  • Oh. My. God. That all looks amazing, especially the galette!

  • Kconeil

    [interest engaging]
    Appetiser – Was that filo pastry? I’m guessing a little, but I’d normally consider 4 samosas that sort of size (similar, but pastry is halal, and fillings are Bangladeshi, Indian or Pakistani recipes) as a light meal!

    Soup – I can see spring onion, and something red (not sure whether it’s chilli, capsicum or tomato). Any other veg besides the barley? Just that it looks a fair bit like Scotch broth, only with a beef base rather than the traditional mutton, but the veg seem different (in Scotch broth, you use whatever veg you’ve got, usually carrots, onions, swede or turnip, and sometimes diced cabbage or Brussels sprouts).

    • Yeah, it was filo dough. I think they wanted the students to practice making them and perhaps showcase their skills, but to serve three whole ones as an appetizer was a bit much.

      The red – bell peppers and carrots. Celery and green onion.

      • Kconeil

        Thought so about the dough/pastry; it was the spelling not being what I’m used to. the quantities were a comment on how many they’d served!

        Soup – as I say, not that dissimilar to Scotch broth, which should go on a mutton base, and then use barley and whatever veg you’ve got to hand. The main point to watch is to make sure the barley is properly cooked.

  • Phyllo dough is so much fun to experiment with. Amazing photos!

  • Ummmm, I am now very hungry….

  • That dessert looks absolutely to die for.

  • What a great idea! I never thought to make reservations at a culinary school! I’ll have to check on that for a great multi-course meal!

    • Checking out the culinary school in SF is on my list of things to do! Usually it means fantastic meals for a VERY reasonable price. :) Is there one near you?