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A friend of the sister’s was in town for the weekend, so we joined the two of them + four others for dinner at Skool in Potrero Hill. I’d not even heard of the place, but it’d opened up summer 2010. Behind it all, two husband and wife pairs – Toshihoro and Hiroko Nagano and Andy and Olia Mirabell. The cuisine at Skool is Japanese-influenced, fish-focused and mindful of sourcing sustainable and local ingredients, which is definitely in line with what we like to eat.

We arrived a little early, so we grabbed some drinks at the bar. A word to the wise – if it’s still happy hour, the specials are only available at the bar and on the patio. Once you sit down at your table, you are subject to non-happy hour prices, even if you’re ordering the same beer.

Our appetizers – shared family-style.

Uni Flan Hotate Ravioli

Left: Uni Flan – Light Sea Urchin Flan Topped with Ikura and Fleur de Sel – Very tasty if you’re into the flavor of sea urchin. It hadn’t solidified all the way, so bits would drip through the holes in the baguette pieces.

Right: Hotate Ravioli – Hokkaido Scallop Stuffed with Roasted Golden Beets Topped with Micro Greens, Kiwi Yogurt Vinaigrette and Vanilla Oil – A unique idea, but in execution, the beets were cut into such small pieces that they didn’t bring about too much flavor. The raw scallops were very good though.

Our entrees –

U-10 Scallop Squid Ink Spaghettina

Right: U-10 Scallop – Large Pan Seared Scallops Atop Celery Root and Apple Puree Served with Multigrain Rice, Coco Beans and a Cut Seasonal Vegetable – I’d been told ahead of time how great these were, so I HAD to order them. The scallops had a slightly burnt taste on the outside, but once you cut through to the inside, perfection. I really dug the puree, rice, beans, and vegetables that they were served with too.

Left: Squid Ink Spaghettina – Monterey Squid, Local White Shrimp, Garlic Tomato Compote, Japanese Red Curry, Lemon Grass Dashi-Broth, Seaweed Butter, Enoki Mushrooms, Shiso – RV and I agreed that this was the dish of the evening. It was so tasty!

The sister ordered the Saut̩ed Local Black Cod РCumin Marinated Monterrey Black Cod with Seasonal Vegetable and Mushroom Duxelles, which I took a few bites of as well. For dessert, we shared the Anjou Pear Tart РAnjou Pear Tart with Vanilla Ice Cream.

Black cod Pear tart

Overall, a very enjoyable dinner with good food and of course, good company. I’m definitely itching to go back for their happy hour specials.

PS – All photos above were taken by the sister on her phone.

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  • Ryan

    Looking up a squid ink pasta recipe as we speak

    • suki


  • Gina Villagomez

    Wow. Japanese-influenced AND mindful of sourcing sustainable and local ingredients? Sounds like my kind of place. :)

  • Lisakthrives

    Wow that food looks amazing!

  • Everydayfoodie

    You eat some awesome looking food!!! Especially those appetizers!

  • Kconeil

    I thought those king scallops looked slightly burnt! Also, is it the angle, or did they rob you of the corals?