Bands Off!

I feel as if I have tricked my orthodontist. I went in on Friday with the saddest face ever and complained about not having any real food for eight weeks [aka FOREVER]. To my surprise, he bought it, and the bands didn’t come back on once they were removed. I’m hoping it isn’t a fluke. I am seeing the oral surgeon this week, so hopefully he is okay with all of this.

In the meantime, I’m showing off that I can open up my mouth about an inch. Parts of the inside of my mouth are still numb, so I can’t really tell where the food is when it’s in my mouth. I put the food in, move my jaw up and down in chomping motions, and then swallow. So far, it has worked!

Here’s what I’ve eaten since the bands came off:

– unblended rice porridge
– unblended taro tapioca dessert
– really soft carrots, but the curry they were cooked in didn’t sit well with my stomach
– “water egg” [a common Chinese dish at our dinner table made of steamed water and eggs]
– grapefruit
– Garlic Fish and Spicy Eggplant over rice [take-out from local Chinese place]
– chocolate/banana/peanut milk smoothie
– thick cut [therefore, starchy] french fries with their jagged ends ripped off
– two small pieces of sushi [Salmon/Avocado and Spicy Tuna]

This is so great. I am SO happy to be off liquids. Keeping my fingers crossed that the oral surgeon doesn’t throw the bands back on when I see him this week!

On top of finally being able to eat, I love being able to talk again. Who knew I had so many words in me? I didn’t really notice until I couldn’t speak.

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