Batting My Lashes

Update on the 101 in 1001:

022 – Learn to use make-up to give yourself multiple looks.

Never thought that I would wear false eyelashes and be able to pull them off, but the gals at Shu Uemura hooked me up. I signed up to attend a seminar with Jason Hoffman, one of their principal makeup artists, and then went and got makeup done. At first, I was hesitant on doing lashes as well, but I thought to myself How often will I attend these? Might as well give it a shot.

They picked out subtle lashes that would only enhance rather than stand out. Application was pretty simple since she did the work for me, so the true test will be when I try to put them on myself at home. The makeup done was nice too [couldn’t stop looking at myself in mirrors!] and made my eyes look bigger than they really are. I didn’t buy the makeup, so hopefully in the future I’ll take the chance and try to recreate the look.

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  • Wow, that is a great set of pics.

    • lol, Keane. Used the iPhone camera…

    • lol, Keane. Used the iPhone camera…