Eat SF : Beast and the Hare

With all the cooking we have tried doing at home [1 – to save money and 2 – to improve our cooking skills], it’s hard to keep up with the dining scene of San Francisco. There is always so much going on, and the restaurants and pop-ups really do sneak up on you. We only noticed Beast and the Hare recently while walking through the neighborhood one evening, and the spot has been open since November 2010!

With a name like that, I was intrigued, and I made reservations for a few weeks out. I’d forgotten to leave a note in my reservation for a table by the window, so the photos are a little on the dark side.

Upon walking into the door, it doesn’t seem like there’s a host/hostess, but you’re greeted fairly quickly. There’s a communal table in the middle and smaller tables all around. There are also some seats at what one might consider the bar area. It seems to be a comfortable spot.

Beast and the Hare - Menu

At first glance of the menu, CHARCUTERIE and CHEESE! I am pretty easy to figure out if those two are on the menu. Plus, beers we hadn’t tried before on tap? Easy.

Beast and the Hare Beast and the Hare

The ones we picked out went surprisingly well with the three cheeses on the menu. Rather than pick and choose amongst the cheeses, we opted for trying them all. With the cheeses alone, we touched on three beasts – buffalo [quadrello], goat [sofia], and sheep [foglie di noce].

Beast and the Hare - Cheese Plate

Since we planned on ordering a few different items on the menu, we selected a plate of three meats – apple wood smoked duck breast, pork shoulder [coppa], and pork belly [lardo di pancia]. I would have ordered the pate had there not been mustard in it.

Beast and the Hare - Charcuterie

After the overload of meats,cheese, and bread, our order of bone marrow showed up on the table piping hot and oozing with delicious fatty goodness!

Beast and the Hare - Bone Marrow

The second to last dish in our meal was poutine. I was itching to order it since it was on the menu, but it didn’t quite meet my expectations. It was a dish of fries, lamb neck gravy and melted cheese. No curds.

Beast and the Hare - Poutine

I was pretty full by this point, but we powered through the dishes and onto dessert. Housemade ice cream! I may have had to carry my stomach out of there.

Beast and the Hare - Dessert

If you pay a visit to the restroom, you’ll find articles and information about where their food is sourced [mostly local]. And at dinner time, they also had their brunch menu up. I’ve not been to the brunch to confirm whether or not the menu changes to dinner at that time to entice guests to return for another meal. In any case, it worked on me, and now I want to go back for brunch. From what I’ve heard, there’s usually a line!

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  • Ris

    These photos look amazing–especially the cheeses and cured meats!

  • Starving.

    I love the grease in one of the shots!

    Also remember when I called it Beast and the Hair? 

    • Yes, I remember this! That was too funny.

  • We went for an early brunch one morning when the line at Mission Beach was already around the block.  No wait and the food was absolutely on par!  

    • Oh, good to know! Speaking of which, haven’t seen you in forever. We should grab brunch there some time. :) I haven’t been to Mission Beach either.

      •  Yes! For sure :-) Mission Beach is amazing but you pretty much have to take a day off work and go on a random weekday morning if you want to get in without a 2-hour wait.

  • Wow! All the food looks delicious. I love smoked duck. Poutine must have cheese curds. That’s what makes it poutine! 

    • That’s what I told the owner! :) He is taking it off the menu to revamp. I’ll let you know how it is.

      • That’s pretty good of him to revamp it! 

  • B.

    I love the new look and sounds like you found a great new place!

    • Thanks, and yes it was a great find. :)

  • I’m for meats and cheeses. Always. And I don’t think I’ve ever had a buffalo cheese, although I did just try a boar sausage that was heavenly.

    • The more different the game, the more interested I am. :) It was good!