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Before our six-hour drive back to San Francisco after a weekend of beer, cheese, and wine, Ryan and I fueled up with brunch in Ashland at Morning Glory Restaurant. It came highly recommended not only on Yelp, but also by one of our good friends from the area.

From what I’ve heard, there’s usually quite the wait. Ours that weekend wasn’t so bad, but I think we were there with the early crowd. It’s a house that has been converted into a restaurant, and we were seated in patio furniture in what would be equivalent to the sunroom.

Morning Glory

Morning Glory

When asked if you would like muffin or toast on the side, PICK THE MUFFIN! What came to the table was an oven-fresh house-made blueberry muffin that disappeared quickly into our bellies. Real succulent blueberries in a muffin! Why anyone would pick the toast instead is beyond me! We devoured it before a photo could be taken.

The rest of our meal:

Morning Glory

I ordered the Rock Shrimp Cakes with Poached Eggs and Smoked Tomato Chutney with fried polenta on the side. One of the eggs came out overcooked, and they brought out an extra egg to replace it. The rock shrimp cakes were flavorful enough that I ended up using the chutney on the polenta instead.

Morning Glory

Ryan ordered the Lemon Ricotta Stuffed French Toast with Raspberry Syrup. He enjoyed them [as do many people, it seems], but I wasn’t a huge fan. I think it was the texture of the ricotta inside the toast. Flavor-wise – the raspberry syrup is delicious!

I can definitely see what the hype is about. Morning Glory Restaurant is a solid choice for brunch in the area, and I definitely want to return to try out the rest of the menu. They’ve got quite the offerings!

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  • Oh, I’ve always wanted to spend time in Ashland.  I’ve only ever just driven by on my way from Washington to California.  And now I know where to eat brunch there.

    • I’d always driven right through also! I want to visit again in the summer for the Shakespeare Festival. :)

  • San

    That breakfast looks delicious (I die for brunch!) :)

    • We have to do it soon! :) You’re not THAT far away from me.

  • Mmmmm….french toast! I love it. 

    • Plenty of places to get delicious French toast here in SF. Visit soon! :P

  • Sigh. Sukitron, I’m always hungry when I read your blog.

    • I should include that as my mission, hah! :)