Bump in the Road

Here I thought it’d be smooth sailing through surgery since everything was scheduled. Not so! After a very long pre-op appointment with the hospital [It went overtime!] and then later the surgeon’s office, I found out that my surgeon had been overbooked. On the day of my surgery, he also had twelve other appointments to keep. So he took the easy way out and asked that I have my surgery date changed. Only thing is, the next available surgery date isn’t until the very end of this year. Literally. On December 30th [since New Year’s Eve is a holiday], I’ll get all of this done.

I only found out after I had to make two molds, answered a bunch of duplicate questions from earlier on in the day – all on an empty stomach.

This is after finding the perfect job to let me go at the right time. This is after coordinating with my insurance company, so that my benefits don’t change on me halfway through. After countless calls to the schedulers, you’d think they would get it right and schedule me for a time that is actually available on the surgeon’s schedule.

This is after I set aside time for a party to stuff my face at. I’ll still have the party this weekend, but it just won’t have the same meaning as if the actual surgery date was right around the weekend.


I feel like after all that preparation, I’ve been let down. I am annoyed, upset, UGH. There’s just not much I can do about it though. Worst of all, it’ll still cost a shit ton, which hopefully insurance will still cover. So annoying.

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  • :(

  • Are you trying to get it done any sooner? Or are you just going to accept the 12/30 date? It seems pretty lame that they’d make you wait 2 more months due to their own fault. They should be like bumping a few people a week each, not you months!