Crab Rangoon for the Seester!

This year, the seester’s birthday doesn’t fall on the Thanksgiving weekend, so we didn’t commit the crime of combining birthday with Turkey festivities. Instead, we decided that hosting our first Crabsgiving party in her honor tomorrow night would be the best idea. There’s no better time to start the crabby festivities. To prepare for this […]

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Thank You Letter to my Mommy

I often tell Ryan and my friends that I am truly my mother’s daughter. A lot of the quirks that I have today are a reflection of you. The way I react, the tone of voice, my mannerisms – I don’t even notice it most of the time, but Ryan tells me that all you […]

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Lots of Dishes

When I was in a long distance relationship, I was on the phone with S, boyfriend-at-the-time, a LOT. You’d think we would run out of things to talk about, but even the most mundane details such as what we ate for dinner were important to share. I remember rattling off a long list of dishes […]

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