Changing it up a bit…

In other words, an update on the 101 in 1001:

017 – Finish taking Bar Method classes. Expires in September 2009!

Nope, this isn’t happening! I emailed them a few months prior to original expiration of July 2009, and they offered to extend the classes until September 2009. Very kind of them, but instead of making the most of them and attending all classes paid for, I call it a loss. Routine just doesn’t work for me when it comes to working out, no matter how I try. Yet I still try! The alternative to this is Pilates with Chase. I started today, and the odd machines are intriguing. I’ll report back when I see progress!

030 – Do a Daily Self Photo project for a year.

Rather than keep track via Flickr [got up to 50+, but lost interest and missed some days], I’ve switched over to DailyBooth. I get an email reminder daily about posting a photo, so it’s convenient. I stop what I’m doing, snap a photo on the phone, edit it a little with PS Mobile, and VOILA!

080 – Record every penny spent for a week.

In an effort to quell spending, I’m keeping track of it on a spreadsheet. I’m tired of credit card bills, which I manage to pay off on time, because they’re several hundreds more than what I should be spending. My sister has more saved up than I do, and I’ve been working longer. Clearly, I’m a bigger spender than she is. It’s not necessary spending, so it’ll get cut a bit. How else will I save for the house that I want to buy while the market’s gone kaput? I go on Roost daily to check out all the million dollar homes I can’t afford. So far, the goal of one week tracked has been accomplished. I’ll keep it up until I figure myself out.

That is all for now.

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  • I like to check up on house prices on Roost and such too. TOO MUCH still, but we’ll see.

    • We should all band together and buy a mansion. ;)

  • I love that you are still looking at Roost. Makes me warm and fuzzy inside. I know that dream house is just around the corner and you will find it on Roost! Take care.

  • I spend too much :(