Eat SF : Chenery Park (closed 2014)

After preparing for and hosting several crab parties in a row, Ryan and I decided to give the kitchen and ourselves a break. We took advantage of a recent OpenTable Spotlight and spent the evening at Chenery Park, a local restaurant that has been on my list to try for quite some time. For over ten years, chefs Richard Rosen and Gaines Dobbins have worked together at Chenery Park to serve contemporary American cuisine in the Glen Park neighborhood of San Francisco.

The holiday season brings out the holiday decorations. The restaurant was decked out in ornaments, lights and garlands. I hit my head against a few dangling ornaments on the way up to the top floor where our table was waiting. The lower left part of the strand pictured below hung right over the top of the stairs.

Chenery Park

As we waited beyond our usual dinnertime to dine, our eyes were larger than our stomachs, and we ended up ordering three appetizers and two smaller entrees to share. Chenery Park gives you the option of full and half orders on certain dishes.

Chenery Park - Beignets

Cambazola Beignets with Apples, Endive, and Poached Figs – The beignets were hot, crispy and filled with creamy Cambazola. The apples, endive, and poached figs were a fantastic complement.

Chenery Park - Pate Plate

Chenery Park Pate Plate with Pork Rillettes,Chicken Liver Mousse and Rabbit Terrine – The pate plate was good, but not spectacular and therefore, probably could have been skipped altogether.

Chenery Park - Steamed Mussels

Steamed Mussels in Trappist Ale Sauce – The mussels were perfectly cooked. I LOVE mussels! The key to good steamed in any sauce is the sauce itself. This one was sopped up with bread quickly.

We could have stopped there if it was our normal dining hour, but the extra few hours gave us a bit of room to continue the meal.

Chenery Park - Mushroom Gnocchi

Housemade Wild Mushroom Gnocchi – As far as I could tell, this was the favorite between the two of us. We weren’t so eager to pass the plate back to each other. The housemade gnocchi were soft, pillowy and full of mushroom flavors.

One of these days I will learn to make gnocchi! New 101 in 1001 list perhaps?

Chenery Park - Gumbo

Chenery Park Gumbo with Smoked Chicken, Louisiana Gulf Prawns and Housemade Andouille Sausage – Tasty with a little spice. Both Ryan and I secretly wished they’d used local spot prawns.

We didn’t stick around for dessert since we were stuffed. What remained of the gumbo and pate plate became part of our doggie bag. Overall it was a good experience, and we were glad to able to get out of the house and try a restaurant new to us!

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  • everything looks delish, suki!

  • I do enjoy looking at food prOn.  It’s too bad that years of fast food have debased my palate, so that I probably couldn’t appreciate these meals anyway.  

  • You had me at Housemade Wild Mushroom Gnocchi. That looks amazing and I want to put it in my belly right this minute.