Chicago 2011 – Uncle Mike’s Place

There is regular breakfast, and then there is Filipino breakfast. Uncle Mike’s Place makes the choice easy by serving both! The restaurant was a quick walk from where we were staying in the Ukrainian Village, so before we began our adventures on Sunday morning, we decided to walk over and check it out.

A quick glance at the menu for the Filipino breakfast, and I knew which menu I would be ordering from. Of course, I had to look up a few of the words to figure out what was on the menu!

Uncle Mike's Place

After we placed our order for our Filipino breakfasts, they brought around fresh lugao, which is Filipino congee [aka rice porridge], and a piece of chicken on the house! It was a nice surprise. I really liked the lugao because it was light and full of chicken flavors. The chicken was a little on the dry side, but hey, it came with the meal, so who’s complaining?

Uncle Mike's Place

Each breakfast combination comes on a large plate with garlic rice, eggs your way, pickley tomatoes, and a semi-sweet chocolate rice pudding that I’d never tried before. I looked it up online, and it was Champorado.

Uncle Mike's Place Uncle Mike's Place

Ryan ordered the Pork Chop plate.

Uncle Mike's Place

I ordered the Tocino [cured pork shoulder] and Longanisa [sweet sausage] plate.

Uncle Mike's Place

Needless to say, it was a LOT of food. We love sharing our dishes, so the plates were passed across the table several times. Since we were on the road, it was exactly what we needed to get our day exploring Chicago started right – hearty meals!

And as if taking photos of all the food were not enough, I caught one of the ceiling as well because I thought it was pretty neat looking too. The need to document everything = TOO MUCH!

Uncle Mike's Place

Have you tried Filipino breakfast before? What did you think? And if you haven’t, would you?

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  • Wow! That’s alot of food! Looks good though. 

    • @twitter-32257622:disqus – definitely as good as it looks! :)

  • Now THAT’s my kind of breakfast! 

    • Same here. I love Asian breakfasts! :P

  • Courtney

    that looks so good! i love filipino food. and your pics are BEAUTIFUL. what kind of camera do you use?? i am in the market for a new one.

    • Most recently, my red Canon camera that fits in my pocket, as well as the one on my phone. We lost the DSLR on our first day in Chicago. :( 

    • @twitter-115935274:disqus – Most recently, my red Canon camera that fits in my pocket, as well as the one on my phone. We lost the DSLR on our first day in Chicago. :( 

  • Was the chicken adobo?

    • Yes, I think that was it, but it was so dry. :( Oh well, at least the rest of the meal was great.

      • So was it a bit tangy from the vinegar? lol I made it recently and the chicken wasn’t dry but the vinegar was really sharp.

        • Yup! They probably left it cooking too long. :P There’s a specific soy sauce [Hawaiian kind] and vinegar that my friends use to make it. :)

  • Looks impressive! I need to go back to Chicago to just try more food. I feel I hit some good spots, but there’s just so much good food there that I know I need subsequent visits.

    • I feel like no matter how many restaurants we try in a city, there will always be more. More excuses to revisit! :)