At the Chinatown Flower Market Fair

While things have seemed quiet on the blog, rest assured, it’s all sorts of crazy over here. I have been hard at work planning a charity party that is to take place this week. If you’re in San Francisco and interested in attending, check out my Twitter feed as I have been blasting it constantly. Additionally, I’ve taken over some of the main duties of another Board member since she’s stepped down, and that’s meant putting a hand in every pot. Meanwhile, I still have my own tasks. Needless to say, I was super excited to take a break this weekend and head out to the Chinatown Flower Market Fair and clear my mind of all that.

The Chinatown Flower Market Fair is held on the weekend before Chinese New Year. The Flower Fair is the place to buy fresh flowers, fruits, candy and other new supplies for the home to begin the new year. While I didn’t make such purchases, it was neat being in the hustle and bustle of it all. I haven’t spent time in Chinatown for quite some time. It is crowded, but there’s some charm in that too.

Chinatown Flower Market Fair Chinatown Flower Market Fair Chinatown Flower Market Fair

We weaved in and out of crowds, ate delicious cheap food, and soaked in all the sights. At one point in the day, I was just so happy to have a “real weekend,” not running around town, not worrying about anything other than how to get from Point A of the fair to Point B. It was also neat to try out a new phone – the HTC One X+. With an Android phone, I was able to use Instagram, so if you follow me, you’ll notice that I kinda went overboard there.

Chinatown Flower Market Fair Chinatown Flower Market Fair

The Lunar New Year approaches (next weekend!), and I want to make the commitment to minimize both physically and mentally. Get rid of a bunch of things. Do the things that I want to. Worry less. It’s nice to have a chance to hit refresh and restart after January 1, just in case you didn’t hit the ground running the first time around. Wish me luck!

Disclosure: AT&T gave me an HTC One X+ to use at the fair for the purposes of documenting my day. I was not monetarily compensated, and all flower market-going opinions are my own.

  • Sounds like so much fun, I haven’t been to Chinatown in a few years! I rarely buy cut flowers but love to see them. I’ve been wanting to go to the SF flower market sometime. Have you been?

    • I haven’t! I’ve been meaning to check that place out too. :-) They are only open on Saturday on the weekend, but I hear it’s a good time to go because at that point, they are getting rid of the flowers for the week.

  • Love the photos! Really captured the hustle and bustle of it all! Where is the donation bunny haha

    • That photo is on Flickr, as well as the golden rooster one! :p

  • Anonymous

    Love the photo layout in this post — you have such a great eye for it.

  • Love the photos! I can only imagine how festive Chinatown must have been – it’s colorful and nifty year round as it is.