Crab Rangoon for the Seester!

This year, the seester’s birthday doesn’t fall on the Thanksgiving weekend, so we didn’t commit the crime of combining birthday with Turkey festivities. Instead, we decided that hosting our first Crabsgiving party in her honor tomorrow night would be the best idea. There’s no better time to start the crabby festivities. To prepare for this evening of crabby birthday celebrations, we spent a few hours preparing over the long weekend. We deshelled six large Dungeness crabs and got started on one of my Crabsgiving specialties – crab rangoon!

Crab Rangoon

It beats the heck out of any other versions because I use so much fresh Dungeness crab! That’s really the key to any good crab dish – lots of fresh crab.

Crab RangoonSo what’s in these crispy delicious nuggets?

* cream cheese
* Dungeness crab [fresh preferred]
* green onion
* garlic
* soy sauce
* sesame oil

Mix these up in a bowl, and you’ve got your crab rangoon filling! For the wonton wrappers, we went with the medium thickness this year.

The ratio is really up to your preferences, but I lean towards more crab and sesame oil! There’s also never enough garlic or green onion. Fresh ingredients are obviously the way to go, so I’m thankful San Francisco has such a great crab season.

Crab Rangoon

They’re ready for deep frying! We, of course, had to test a few of the batch. YUM!

Crab Rangoon

The rest went into the freezer for storage until the party.

For the sake of wishing my favorite seester in the whole wide world a happy 29th birthday, I present my chubby cheeks! Excuse the image quality as this beauty was scanned from an old photo.


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  • stealthypoo

    I think we are crab de-shelling masters! <3 squee I'm YO FAVORITE! Also blue bear!

    • We need to time ourselves next time. :-)

  • Crab Rangoon is my favorite, I’m happy you guys know how to wrap them!

    • We’ll have to teach you how to wrap them, but I know you’ll only pretend to mess them up, so you won’t have to make ’em. At least you make everything else for Crabsgiving! :P

  • Delicious! Happiest birthday to Donna and love that photo of you two.

  • These look AMAZING.

    • They are delicious. And they’re really not that hard to make. :-)

  • Isn’t she your only seester? :P Also, digging the new “About” section photo. :]