Currently – v.04 {2014}

I’m overdue for a “Currently” update. So here goes!

Loving the new pup in our life. About a week after we said our goodbyes to Sasha, our doggie daycare posted about a pup that they were fostering. She’s a bit on the young side (guessing 8 or 9 months) and did not come house-trained. So far, it has been quite a different experience compared to when we first brought Sasha home. We definitely took for granted the “being house-trained” part. In the first few days, I cleaned up a handful of accidents. We are down to almost none, but I won’t get too excited until we leave her outside of the crate while we’re at work.

The rescue group has our check and is waiting for the “yay” or “nay” before depositing it. We have until Friday, but it is pretty obvious which way we are leaning. We have been calling her “Fresca” for the time being, so there may be more Fresca updates to come.

Loathing the jerks who broke my car window at the beginning of last weekend. After volunteering for four hours, I got back to my car to find the nasty surprise. They had smashed windows of cars all along the block, so it wasn’t targeted. Nothing was taken, thankfully, though I make it a habit not to keep anything in the car.

But to make matters worse, while I was sitting in my car filing a police report on my phone, a guy on a bike rides by. He stops at my car and proceeds to show me something on his phone. Porn. Yay. Great.

Watching my spending. A broken window and a new pup = $$.

Feeling lethargic these days. I bought a Dailey Method deal, so hopefully adding a little exercise will help. I went to my first class over the weekend.

Planning to post more, I promise!

Working on one online class this semester. I haven’t decided if I will try retaking the CPA exam at this point, but I thought I’d knock out some of the education requirements anyway.

Wishing for a whole lot of patience. Fresca has and hasn’t been the easiest to train. She is smart, so sometimes her brains get the best of her, and she’s got a little rambunctious streak.

Looking forward to Labor Day weekend trip to Yosemite with Trail Mavens. I heard about the group from Abby who went on a kayaking/camping trip with the group earlier in the month. I am excited, but also anxious. There’s a long hike on Sunday that my body is dreading just a little bit. I know that I will be sore afterwards. We’ll see how it goes!

What are you currently up to?

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