It can and will get worse. Must be prepared. It’s not that I no longer see the world through rose-colored glasses. I still do. It’s just that there are circumstances beyond my control.

So aside from the economy going down the tubes, causing layoffs nationwide, I have updates on my jaw surgery! I’ve had braces for about a year now, and they finally took x-rays to check on the progress. Turns out that I have severe bone loss due to gum disease caused by large amounts of plaque deposits in the gum pockets. Woopdedoo! I will need to see a periodontist and possibly get gum surgery. Fantastic! What irks me the most is that the orthodontist waited this long to take x-rays to check up on things. He then goes on to blame me for not seeing the dentist more often. Hello, I went as directed. Why didn’t you check sooner?

Anyway, gum surgery and seeing a periodontist will cost $. If I can get to see one before the end of the year, that would rock because I still have to use up the rest of my flexible spending account this year. Otherwise, it will be a pain in the rear end to schedule since the beginning of the year is ALWAYS super busy for me.


I don’t have the money or time for this bullshit.

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  • That’s so messed up. It’s not your fault. You know it. I know it. We all know it.