Don Bugito : Edible Insects [WW]

Don Bugito - Edible Insects

Don Bugito - Edible Insects

Don Bugito - Edible Insects

Don Bugito - Edible Insects

Don Bugito - Edible Insects

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  • Ris

    Wow you’re brave!  I don’t know that I’d have the stomach to eat insects, however gourmet they may be!

    • It’s not in our culture to eat bugs, so I think that’s why your stomach just turns thinking about it. I had to psych myself up a little bit, but I’m still glad I got to try ’em. Wouldn’t make them a regular meal.

  • We have so much in common, Suki. :)

    • I’m in good company. :) 

  • ewiley

    I can’t say that insects sound particularly delicious, but kudos to you for trying them. (Or maybe you like them.)

    P.S. Love the blog redesign!!

    • Thanks. :) 

      Yeah, they look gross and the idea crept me out a bit, but it’s one of those things where just because it’s not a social norm here, it doesn’t mean that it’s completely out of the question elsewhere. There are plenty of insect-eating cultures out there [and if not now, at least in the past], so I decided to give it a try.

  • Very interesting. I think if I didn’t know what they where, I would eat them….maybe lol.

    • They made it a little easier by keeping the lights rather low, so you couldn’t really see ’em in as much detail as the camera/flash brought out.

  • You are so brave; I could never eat insects, even if they are edible. :P

    • Not brave, but definitely had to psych myself up for it. :)

  • Wow. Just looking at those worm things make me want to puke. 

  • This post seriously needed a vlog. :) Also I like the idea of this insecteria.

    • Too late! When are you visiting? They do this every Monday. :P 

      • Insteading of moving my Northwest from month to month, I decided to skip May and hope for June. :P

  • Sid

    Are you serious??? There’s a restaurant that serves worms??? If you ever come to Cape Town, then I’m totally going to take you a restaurant that serves ostrich and crocodile!

    • I would be down for this! :) 

  • EW. I can’t say i would eat them but props to you for trying them. you are lucky you and ryan eat the same!

    • We are a disgusting bug-eating couple. LOL. :) 

  • Eep. Not sure I could have done it. I know it’s totally a cultural thing, but bugs make my skin crawl and the thought of putting them into my mouth is just way too much. Ick. You’re a brave lady.

  • What! Is this place still around? I break my vegetarianism only to eat bugs. True story!

    • It’s Don Bugito, and yes, I think they are still around. Their site has more details on their whereabouts: