Dunsmuir’s Dogwood Diner

On our way back from the Shasta Cascade area in northern Northern California, we made a brunch stop at a cute little place called Dogwood Diner in Siskiyou County’s Dunsmuir. Small town, lots of history. The downtown area has been designated as a historic district on the National Register of Historic Places.

Dogwood Diner

Maintaining the facade of the Brown Trout Gallery and Cafe before it, the building now houses Brown Trout Vintage and Dogwood Diner. At the time of our trip, the spot [more of a restaurant and less of a diner] was only a month or so young.

Arriving at the lucky hours between 11 and noon, we landed both breakfast and lunch menus, and so we ordered from both.

Dogwood Diner

Hello grass-fed beef burger on a brioche roll. The sharp cheddar wasn’t quite sharp enough, but the aioli and pickled onions added just enough flavor. The fries were also not as crisp as we normally like them, but the ketchup that they came with? Delish. It definitely tasted homemade.

Dogwood Diner Dogwood Diner

Then there was the savory and sweet combination of Swedish pancakes with bacon and egg. The fresh fruit compote was a little too tart for the taste, and I’d have loved it on the side, but it’s a good idea. I’m always annoyed with the order of pancakes that always requires an extra side of savory when this all comes in one neat package.

Dogwood Diner Dogwood Diner

So the food was alright, and there is plenty of room for improvement. However, they have only just started. I love that they offer farm-to-table fare; it’s their own style of California comfort food! Despite there also being a minor snafu with billing, I’m looking forward to coming back.

The space is so cute too!

Dogwood Diner

Hoping their location across the Amtrak station brings them business since the economy’s been touch. Next time we’re in the area, we’ll have to swing by. There were other items on the menu that caught my hungry eyes.

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  • Your hair is getting long, friend.

  • San

    Oh, what a cute place! :)

    • It’s very cute! So much potential, so I’m hoping it’ll be worth another visit in the future.

  • SeattleStevie

    Totally been there! I have family in the bay area, so I have driven that section of I-5 a zillion times. Dunsmuir is always a stop along the way. Such a darling little spot!

    • Have you been to the diner? Or just Dunsmuir in general? This spot had new ownership about a month before my visit. :)