Eat Oahu – Mana Bu’s and Costco!

On Friday morning, we woke up bright and early. Hotel served breakfast from 7am-8:30am, so we went down there to check it out. Nothing too fancy – pancakes, bread, fruit, juice, and coffee. It wasn’t all too satisfying, so we planned to drive out to our first food stop on the sister’s spreadsheet, Mana Bu’s.

It was an unassuming storefront in a strip mall. We actually passed it the first time we went down the street and had to make the long loop around. They make onigiri/musubi, traditional Japanese desserts, and veggie okazu fresh every day.

Not too many close-ups of the actual musubi we bought, mostly of us just noshing away.

Due to the time change, I didn’t realize how early it was, and when the sister mentioned that we’d have to wait till 9am for the strawberry mochi, I was confused. Wasn’t it already past 10am?! Nope, just 8:30!

So we walked down the street to the market to kill some time.

Soon, it was strawberry mochi time!

At $2.20 a piece, they were a little pricey, so we decided to share them.

A whole sweet strawberry + red bean inside each mochi, it was quite a treat! I’m normally not a fan of red bean, but the sweetness of it balanced with the fresh strawberry. Very tasty and worth the wait to try. With our bellies full of Mana Bu’s, we now had the energy to drive out to Costco to check out Hawaiian bulk shopping!

Mana Bu's on Urbanspoon

Yes, we went to Costco in Hawaii.

That’s where we picked up goodies to bring home to family/friends – macadamia nuts and 100% Kona coffee! It opened at 10am, and we were there right as it opened. No photos inside, but on top of buying goodies to bring home, we bought more goodies for the belly. The Costco we visited in Hawaii Kai had a poke bar, so of course, I had to pick some up [along with a sashimi platter] for the road.

The road wasn’t a very long one because we ended up laying our spread out in the parking lot of a beach park across the street.

After gorging on delicious fish and shrimp, we went back to the hotel to drop everything off before we would continue the rest of our day!

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  • *drool*

    How was the pricing on the Costco food?

    • Not too bad! Considering we were sharing food amongst five, the sashimi + poke was probably a little over $20. YUMMMM. It wouldn’t make a good habit if I lived there though as I’d probably buy a tray for $14 and eat it all by myself.

      • That’s so reasonable! I am seriously craving poke and sashimi now. :D

        • Yeah! I couldn’t help to indulge while there. Everything is sooo fresh! It’s just not as satisfying now that I’ve tried it in Hawaii the way it is SUPPOSED to taste. Stuff made here will always have to be frozen for a bit of time before it’s turned into poke!

  • Never had Mana Bu’s food…my fiance is Japanese and will definitely will make a trip there on our next Hawaiian vacation.

    • It’s a good snack for the road. If you plan on doing a drive around the island, it’s the perfect first stop to stock up! :)

  • I just can’t get into mochi! Wish I could. So many people seem to love it!

    • That’s okay. More for me! :)

  • That last photo is heaven for me.