Eat SF : Batter Up!

One evening while we were in search of a quick neighborhood meal, Batter Up SF came up in our search. Having never heard of it before, we had to check it out. Upon driving by, we found that it was a newly opened spot that consisted of a takeout window squeezed between two existing restaurant spaces in front of a bus stop.

Batter Up SF - front signage

A menu scribbled onto a chalkboard next to the window listed off the deep-fried delights that this local Excelsior joint offered. A wide variety of links that could be turned into corn dogs and the combinations offered. You could also make it a combo by adding chips and a drink.

Batter Up SF

Another menu listed off the battered deep fried desserts offered: Twinkies, Oreos, Snickers. You know, the usual carnival fare in a non-carnival location. One of the specials for the day was a deep fried Reese’s Cup, so I went for one of those and a Double Play!

Batter Up SF Batter Up SF

Batter Up SF Batter Up SF

Yes, that is a corn dog almost the size of my head!

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  • this place looks dangerous! i could spend some serious time in there¬† :P

    • it’s just a stand, thankfully, so you have to order and find somewhere to eat. otherwise, i would be inside ordering everything. ;)

  • I love those good luck cats, they are so cute. It’s been so long since I have had anything deep fried on a stick. I’m getting a bit hungry thinking about it! :) Looks like a fun place!

  • Is that a trick of perspective, or is that corndog really as big as your head?

    • It’s ALMOST as big as my head! I got a double play, which is two different sausages inside of the corn dog. :)

  • This place looks yummy but at the same time yummy! At the OC fair I didn’t get to try anything fried but the onions and well it would be nice to try stuff that I missed out on!

  • So big, that corndog! I want!

    • The best part is that there are two different types of sausage in that. You can get a double play or even a TRIPLE play, which is three different sausage types.

      • Triple play of course.

  • AMAZING. And also probably dangerous, bust mostly delicious.

  • OH wow! What amazing goodies they have there!