Eating Out / Week Two Update (jaw surgery recovery)

I visited the oral surgeon this week, and I’m on the right track towards jaw surgery recovery. I am scheduled to have the bands replaced with removable ones in three weeks. THREE WEEKS! That’s a lot longer than I expected, but at the same time, it’s not without good reason. I have to be patient with the healing of the jaw. These things can’t be rushed. I’m off of the prescribed mouth rinse and most of my medications. The only one left is the antibiotics that I’m finishing up. I don’t hurt enough for me to take the pain medication regularly, so that’s good. I’m hoping these three weeks pass by quickly because five weeks is a long time to run on liquids. I’m getting hungrier by the day!

In terms of eating out, I really can’t. Even what I would normally consider to be liquid isn’t enough for me to drink out in public. Last night, we went to a Thai place for dinner. I’d already eaten, so it was more for Ryan. We ordered two dishes, so that he would have something for lunch the next day. So as not to appear suspicious, I filled up my plate, and when nobody was looking, we’d swap. So silly!

Oh, and thank goodness for health insurance! I received my itemized statement today. When I saw the total, ZOMG. Anyone want to take a guess on how much it was? I was in the operating room for seven hours, and anesthesia cost about 1/3 of the operating room.

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