Exit the Highway – my road trip style

Ryan and I spend a lot of our free time on the road. We usually have a destination in mind, but it’s usually not enough to fill up an entire weekend. Having a destination eases the side of me that needs a plan, while having time free to do other things feeds the adventurous side. I like to leave it up in the air because I’ve found that the most interesting experiences are often unplanned.

That seems to be our road trip style, or even our travel style in general. What’s yours?

Do you exit the highway [or take the scenic route] once you’re on the road to see what else you might find?

On our recent Portland trip, we decided to take a different route back to San Francisco, cutting down through Redwood National and State Parks along the way. The photo on the left was taken in those redwoods!

Exit the Highway

Toyota and the National Audubon Society partnered up to ask Americans to Exit the Highway and pledge to take the scenic route and enjoy the natural beauty of our great land.

Those who take the pledge will be entered to win a new, fuel-efficient Prius v, an environmentally-friendly hybrid vehicle featuring more cargo space. Take the pledge at ExitTheHighway.com, or Causes.com/Toyota.

The site also offers quite a few itineraries for exploring. Just looking at the San Francisco itinerary, I know I haven’t been to all the suggested spots yet!

I am looking forward to paying a visit to Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge, which happens to be the first urban National Wildlife Refuge established in the United States. Spanning 30,000 acres of open bay, salt pond, salt marsh, mudflat, upland and vernal pool habitats, the Refuge hosts over 280 species of birds each year.

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  • those redwoods look amazing!! i love unplanned adventures.. serendipity!

    • exactly! it keeps life so interesting. :D you should really go up to the redwoods. sooo peaceful up there.

  • I usually randomly exit on a road trip (especially if I gotta pee), but mostly to explore. :] Those redwoods look beautiful.

    • lol. yup, bathroom breaks are a good excuse. usually my excuse is being hungry and looking for food!