Eat SF : Fancy Vegetarian at Millennium

Last night, Foodbuzz Fest weekend started off unofficially with a group dinner! I hadn’t been back in a few years, so it was nice to revisit Millennium Restaurant. The last time, I sat at the bar with appetizers and drinks.

The restaurant was extremely generous with the group, reserving their back room just for us! They also brought out plates and plates for our sampling.

– House-Made Pickled Vegetables
– Herb Marinated Olives
– Bread with a Lentil Spread
– Seared Brassicas
– Crusted Oyster Mushrooms
– Roasted Carrots

Herb-marinated Olives!

Crusted Oyster Mushrooms: chickpea flour & thyme dredge, sea vegetable noodle salad with ginger aioli, sweet & spicy chile jam

These were a nice surprise, and now I know what to make when we grow our own!

After sharing all of the above with the table, surprisingly I had room for my main course! I ordered the Maple Roasted Blue Banana Squash: hazelnut-farro “risotto,” beets + red wine reduction, warm baby artichoke, braised fennel & treviso salad with smoked tofu.

One word: Outstanding! I’m looking forward to the rest of the weekend, but for now, I have eight more hours of work to get through!

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  • Let me know how the mushroom grow thing works! I’ve been interested in those for years, but hesitant.

    • We bought two off Blissmo but haven’t had the time to actually open up the box and start spritzing at them. They are supposed to produce a pound of mushrooms! I’ll update when we get that going.