Farmers’ Market – citrus season + farm fresh eggs!

Happy Presidents’ Day! Hope that like me, you’re one of the lucky ones enjoying the day off.

I have decided to tackle our grocery budget. I haven’t decided how to do it most efficiently. It might start out with a spreadsheet. It’ll take some time before I figure out what works for us. Right now, we buy grains and and other items that last awhile in bulk, and then we make weekly trips to pick up our fruits, vegetables, and anything else we want to have fresh. In addition to that spreadsheet, I’ll post my progress up here too.

This weekend, we braved the rain and hit up the farmers’ market.

Large brown eggs (16)
Cara Cara oranges (2)
Blood oranges (3)
Oranges for juicing (10-lb)
Pomelo (1)
Yellow onions (4)
Carrots (a bunch)

Total Spent: $12.75

The onions and carrots are for a recipe I’m hoping to try this evening, but we didn’t pick up anything else since we’re not planning on cooking much this week. Our bags were a bit citrus-heavy since it’s the season!

Blood oranges and Cara Cara oranges

Blood (Moro) oranges and Cara Cara oranges! It was our first time buying either of these, but it certainly won’t be the last. The pomelo that we picked up became part of breakfast this morning. This is only HALF of the pomelo:


The main reason we shop at the farmers’ market – the farm fresh eggs! We opted for the large browns this time, which RV promptly used to make this:

Fried eggs and oysters over an English muffin

Fried eggs over fried oysters over an English muffin. Look at the amount of egg white on these! Poach is my favorite way of having eggs, but fried comes in a very close second.

What’s your favorite way to have your eggs?

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  • love how vibrant the colors of the citruses are!
    so beautiful.

  • I love eggs in almost all forms. Since I pretty much get all of my eggs from my CSA, and they are super fresh, the one thing I have not done in a long while is hardboiled any (fresh eggs don’t make the best hardboiled eggs because the membrane is so strong, you end up tearing the whites while peeling).

    Overnight eggs (basically a savory bread pudding) is a big favorite of mine – I’ll probably blog about them this week.

    • Ooooh, intriguing. I love bread pudding, so I look forward to this post. You’ve been doing a good job of posting regularly, even when they are short! :)

      I couldn’t commit myself to the CSA because our cooking routine varies from week to week. One time we bought eggs, and they were in the fridge for a very long time. We just bought these ones on Saturday and already we’re close to half gone.

      • The CSA is tricky on occasion, but it’s more of a labor of love than anything else. My newest plan is to make vegetable broth/chicken stock with whatever stuff gets a bit old.
        The big thing I have in mind is to suspend my boxes from Thanksgiving to New Years since even without traveling, there is just so much going on in that month or so that it’s hard to use much produce.

    • OH! And one day when our backyard is fixed up, we’re planning on raising our own chickens for eggs, so it’ll be even fresher than the ones at the farmers’ market. :)

  • great pics. you really saved a lot for what you bought. if i went to whole foods and bought the same stuff it would be closer to $50. and my local Farmer’s Market is expensive for some reason. i couldn’t get those prices there.

    • I’m definitely lucky to be living where I do. Lots of fresh, inexpensive produce that is organic when it needs to be. I don’t buy organic everything, just when it makes sense.

  • Kconeil

    Eggs – Free-range, and fried, with omelette as a second choice.

    Incidentally, that’s how I buy groceries too; stuff that keeps in the largest bulk supplies I can get, and stuff that doesn’t every week (sometimes twice a week).

  • The fruit and eggs are both beautiful!
    My family lives in “farm country” and after buying eggs right from the farm…they will never buy grocery store eggs again!
    Good luck with your grocery budget :)

  • Farmer’s Markets are the best!

    My favorite way to eat eggs is scrambled with cheese and avocado. Mmmm….

    • Yum! A cheesy avocado scramble sounds like a good idea right now. Wish I had a kitchen at work. :)

  • I get a box of fresh produce and local cheese and eggs every two weeks and it’s the best thing we purchase food wise. Nothing beats the flavor of fresh eggs from happy chickens.

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