First #AYCJ Encounter and Binary!

As many are aware, I’ve had to cancel quite a few of the trips I’d planned due to unforeseen circumstances! I haven’t had time to talk about those circumstances on the blog, so here goes: I may start working again, which would cancel my weekday travel, and I have a surgery and post-op date, which happen to fall around the time of travel also. Fantastic, right? Luckily, when you book tickets at the last minute, they’re extra expensive, so I will get my money’s worth from the one trip I’m taking this coming week to Washington D.C. I just have to make sure I cancel/reserve according to the 3-day policy, and I’m set.

Today was my first #AYCJ encounter! I didn’t even have to leave my own city.

RV and I caught up with @redelvis, @sawyouonjetblue, and @Michele_Pacheco to cross the Golden Gate Bridge. We ended up thirty minutes late since brunch ran a little overtime! We caught up around the end of the second half of the bridge. After taking some quick photos, @redelvis stuck behind with us and spent the remainder of the stroll across the bridge teaching me binary!

Yep, another one off the list:
050 – Learn the basics of binary.

While it would probably have been easier to grasp if we actually wrote numbers down, he did a great job of explaining. I learned not only to count, but also to convert decimals to octal and then to binary. So I think I’ve got the basics!

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    • LOL. Doesn’t mean I can decipher that… :-p