Foods from Chile ~ A Delightful Substitute

Foods From ChileFoods from Chile is hosting a contest for an opportunity to visit Mercado Central in Santiago, a world-renowned food market, and other cultural heritage sites. Of course I entered! I have not been to Chile, and it would be so exciting to be able to share the country’s culture and delicious foods with you!

Fresh fruits and vegetables – I can’t imagine my life without them. Luckily for me, California is such an agriculturally rich place, and the sheer number of fruits and vegetables available in each season still amazes me. Even with such diversity, there are certain times of the year when I crave something so badly, but it isn’t in season locally. That’s when knowing where to acquire the best quality produce is important.

You see where I am going with this, don’t you? Chile, with its diverse natural geography and climate, is an ideal place for many of the foods that are produced in the United States, only their location in the Southern Hemisphere means that they can grow when we cannot.

Foods From Chile

A few examples: Raspberries are in season from May to November in Northern California. In Chile, October to May. There’s even an overlap, so I can always find raspberries. Grapes are available from July to December here. In Chile, November to August. Strawberries are in Northern California from March to October. In Chile, October to March. An extensive list of what is available and when for Northern California is here. For Chile, here.

It isn’t just produce, but Chile also exports wine, olive oil, nuts, seafood and much more!

Foods From Chile

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