French toast, a blogger meetup, and Sasha time

This past weekend was one of the first weekends in quite some time that we spent in our own city. For most of September, we were out and about. It was nice to finally “relax” here. As part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker program, I received Bauducco Panettone to sample. We decided to make French toast with it on Saturday.

The Panettone was extra absorbent. The recipe for French toast using Panettone instructed us to soak the cake in egg for over fifteen minutes… It really only needed a little bit of time.

French Toast

Our second batch was much better than the first, which was just plain soggy. In terms of flavor, however, it was a bit sweet for my taste.

The rest of the day was gorgeous, perfect for a blogger meetup. Courtney coordinated the meet-up, and attendees included Teresa, Audrey, Naomi, Courtney, Cate, Alyssa, and Jana. I was late and missed Annelies who was there a bit earlier. After chatting over food and drinks at Sports Basement, we went outside to catch the Blue Angels. Good times.

Bloggers at Crissy Field

Time at home also means time with Sasha. Here are a few photos of her over the weekend:

Sasha and me

Sasha as a parrot

We like to call this her parrot pose. She loves jumping up to the front seat, but we keep her back while driving. As long as her paws are off the center console, she gets away with putting her head on Ryan’s shoulder since it doesn’t get in his way.

How was your weekend?

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  • That french toast looks delicious! I’ve never been to a blogger meet up. I really want to though. One day I hope. ¬†Sasha is soo cute.

    • I think she knows she’s cute too. Tries to get away with what she can! :P

  • Aw, cute dog pics. And cute panettone french toast pics.

    • Wish the panettone french toast actually tasted better. :/

      • Did you not like the panettone? It has a strange flavor.

        • too sweeeet! :( otherwise would have been good. this one had chocolate chips in it!

  • I’ve never had that bread but I remember that my ex loved it so much. If it’s too sweet it might be something I might not enjoy too much. I’ve never been to a blogger meet up but it must be awesome!

  • Awww, great pics! Your doggie is just so cute! :)

  • Sasha is the cutest thing ever! Her little face is so expressive and adorable. I hope I get to come to San Francisco at some point so I can smush and kiss her cute little face!

  • D.

    “We like to call this her parrot pose” SO CUTE!

  • Sasha is adorable!