Friday 7 Quick Takes #007

01. I went to the orthodontist today. I wish I could say that it was one of the last visits, but I have a feeling I will continue with the appointments through the middle of next year. I am not optimistic on this front because each time I go in, something else is wrong. Teeth move. A gap has formed. My bite is open. My tongue is pushing my jaw out. You name it, it’s come up as a problem.

*insert frustrated ARGH here*

02. RV and I are heading down south for his grandmother’s 80th birthday. We were originally planning on combining that with a trip to Disneyland, but our finances AND our schedules are tight.

03. Blogger meet-up tomorrow! I can’t wait to re-meet Eden and Sophia. I didn’t get to chat with them much during Foodbuzz.

04. Yesterday I was extremely thankful that I have good health benefits. RV has been getting his medical bills in the mail, and I see how much/little is covered, and I’m just SO grateful my employer is so generous in terms of our health insurance.

05. Today I am thankful that I have found an excellent place to maintain my car. I used to take it to the dealer, but it would frustrate me to no end. I took my car in for an oil change today, and the whole experience just reaffirms my choice to make the switch.

06. I was in the audience of a talk about upcoming fashion, and the woman from Saks Fifth Avenue mentioned how color-blocking is coming back. She said something about how it’ll be okay to wear a solid purple and pair it with a solid green and wear dress pants. Of course, I was sitting there in my purple, green and work pants. :/ Apparently I am ahead of the game in terms of fashion.

07. In a few weeks, I’m heading off to a black-and-white holiday ball, so I’m on the lookout for fancy floor-length dresses/gowns. I might post updates on what I do/don’t find.

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  • lol no 6 was endearing. my favorite.
    i hosted a holiday black and white and red party once and it was so much fun. also been to a few. wish i could volunteer myself along to your shopping trips. (perhaps this is a benefit to you and living far away :) )

    • I ended up texting photos of the dresses to a friend of mine for feedback! :P

  • Ooh check you out, Ms. Fashion Forward! ;) Btw, I’m really loving the lists you have in your blog. I’m going to swipe the 25 days of little moments ok?

    • Go for it! :)

  • Oooh! A fancy holiday ball. How exciting! If you lived near me I would lend you my gorgeous black and white dress. I haven’t had occasion to wear it in years.

    Way to be on the cutting edge of fashion too by the way!

    • A friend offered to lend me hers as well, but I ended up hitting the outlets this weekend, and I found my dress!

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