From S-Factor to Star Wars

After reading Laura’s adventures with S-Factor, I have decided to update my 101 in 1001 list. I am changing:

009 – S-Factor or equivalent class.


009 – Watch all the Star Wars movies.

They both start with the letter “S,” so that makes for a suitable replacement, yes? Okay, one is supposedly more like exercise, but I suppose I can leave the exercising to my other tasks, such as finishing my Bar Method classes or at least getting started on my daily sit-ups.

In terms of progress, I have finished Episode IV through VI! Avoidance of I through III has been suggested, but I might just put myself [and the friends who watch them with me] through the pain anyway to say that I’ve gone through them all.

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  • nooo

    • think of all the germs I’m avoiding by not touching a pole! :p

  • Thanks for the shout-out to The Bar Method, which also has an excellent blog at I am always a little more motivated to work harder and come more often when I read the blog, which explains why various exercises are so good for my body and describes how to be really fit.