Goodbye Old Face!

Oh whoa, a rare clear photo of my side view. Even my hair’s pulled back, so the jawline is distinct and prominent. It was taken at the orthodontist’s office for comparison purposes.

For many years, I’d avoid such photos or delete them because they were awfully unflattering. While others just accepted that as part of me, it was definitely a part of my self-esteem issues. I didn’t like those pictures of myself AT ALL.

The health benefits are, of course, the REAL reason for the surgery.

All these years of improper chewing and upper and lower teeth not really touching. The braces actually helped a little bit, so the bite doesn’t look as bad here as it was before, but they didn’t do enough. With the way my jaw is, the wear and tear would not bode well for my plan to eat my way into old age…

So goodbye old face!


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  • Good luck tomorrow, and I hope your recovery goes well.

  • naly

    i wish u all the best on your surgery, and (if u can) have a happy new year!!

  • B.

    Good luck with everything! I wish you a fast and easy recovery!

  • Good Luck! Sending you lots of good thoughts today

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