Green machine x 2

Not too long ago, SashaI wrote an article on readying your car for dog-friendly travel. I talked about installing a backseat barrier and using a hammock in the backseat. To be honest, it was actually readying Ryan’s car and not my own. With Sasha’s tendency to climb up on the center console and that one time she managed to pull up the fabric with her nails, I decided that she wouldn’t be riding in the Prius any longer. I didn’t want to put my upholstery through the Sasha cyclone.

Most of our outings with Sasha were in Ryan’s car – a 2004 Escape. Anytime we took a long trip or filled up at the pump in his car, I would cringe. The rising gas prices certainly did not help. Nearly $70 in gas for a complete fill-up was hurting the wallet.

After much discussion and opting for not cutting back on outings with Sasha, we decided to weigh our car options. For our lifestyle, we were best suited to have a commuter car [mine] and an SUV or similar for taking Sasha out. Ryan did a bunch of research online on what new/used cars were out there. I think he was leaning towards a used Hybrid SUV, but there weren’t a whole lot available in the area. While he was doing that, I admired the pretty new Prius options. My 2008 is operating fine for the most part, but it was fun to think about a new car.

Over the weekend, we decided to pay a visit to the local Costco-preferred Toyota dealer. Costco works with the car companies to come up with a Costco member discount on vehicles. It works best for those who don’t like to haggle [ME!]. The discount varies with the car model, and I think it’s a good way to get your hands on a car that is either extremely popular or one that you wouldn’t be able to negotiate a price on normally. I wanted to check out the new Prius C.

I didn’t pick up a new car that day, but on our way out, Ryan wanted to stop by the Ford dealer. More than three hours later [Did I mention how much I hate car shopping?], we left his 2004 Escape and took home a 2010 Escape Hybrid. Much of the haggling had to do with the fact that it was KIWI GREEN. It’s even more green than my car. See below:

We were seriously considering repainting it, but it really doesn’t look so bad now. On the lot, however, it was in the sun, and they had little flags and stickers all over it. Not attractive.

Ryan added “haggling for a car” to his belt, and now taking Sasha out won’t seem like such a stretch on the wallet, even with the extra car payments. He did a great job and got a steal of a deal – we didn’t leave until everything had been negotiated – purchase price, interest rate, payment period, trade-in value, etc.

Pro-tip: Bring a snack!

Disclosure: I was selected for participation in the Toyota Women’s Influencer Network (TWIN) community through a program with Clever Girls Collective. I did not receive any compensation for writing this post, or payment in exchange for participating. The opinions expressed herein are mine, and do not reflect the views of Toyota.

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  • I’d like a Prius C, but we use our mini-van so much, we’ll have to keep it a while longer. We always take our Prius for normal driving and road trips. Love it!

    • Would a Prius V serve both well enough?

      • I’d think so. It reminds me of a mini-van a little bit. Thoughts, @barron:disqus?

  • Congrats!

  • Loving the new car! I don’t like haggling either, but you gotta do what you gotta do. The Sync system in the car actually has a software development kit so now I want to hack it!

    • The car certainly appeals to your geeky side. :P

  • megan

    Yay new car club! Just bought my first one two days ago. Car shopping is NOT on my list of favorite things, and haggling is stupid and I hate it. But honestly, I think I like the kiwi green! It’s different, and different is refreshing. My new car is silver, like approximately 90%* of cars in Portland and blends in nicely with ALL OF THE GRAY. So there’s that.

    CONGRATS to you and Ryan!

    *Not an actual percentage. Just my assumption now that I have a silver car and actually notice.

    • Yeah, haggling is not my forte. I’m not patient enough for it, but thankfully Ryan knew what price range he wanted and didn’t budge. They kept coming back saying they had an amazing deal for us, and it wasn’t until the last fifteen minutes that they finally put something on the table that we found acceptable. :P I am getting used to the color.

  • thinker

    (Almost) matching green cars! Nice.

    Prius C seems super well-matched for SF city driving.

    • The “C” does mean city. ;)

  • Congrats on the Sasha-friendly vehicle!

  • I love that you guys have two green cars. That’s adorable.

    Also, with our husky mutts it’s SO HARD to keep the fur from going everywhere. We have a hammock for them, but they still manage to shed on everything.