Happy new year [post jaw surgery]!

Ryan and I celebrated New Year’s Eve sitting across from each other at the couch, watching a rerun episode of David Letterman. Nothing too exciting, but after 31.5 hours at the hospital, it was probably the best way to spend the evening. Every hour that you’re in the hospital, they check your vitals, so I didn’t get much sleep. The sodium IV solution also kept me hydrated enough to want to use the restroom almost every hour. It’s tough to recover at the hospital, but having to not worry about what meds to take makes it worth it.

So how’d this whole jaw surgery business all go down?

At 6:30am, Ryan brought me to the hospital. I was in the pre-op area for quite some time, changed into a gown and hooked up to the IV. At around 8:30 [as scheduled], I was brought into the operating room. Seven hours later, I was in the recovery area, which looked like the pre-op area. I remember coming to and seeing the family and Ryan. Apparently, I’d been given steroids, so I wasn’t at the top of my swollen goodness. My nostrils were just ridiculously huge because of the tube they had to stick down there. I’m so glad I was not awake for that!

Around 7:00 or 8:00, I was brought up to the room that I’d end up spending the night in. It wasn’t the most comfy of nights, but at least it’s over now. I remember throwing up blood once, and every time I got up to use the restroom, my nose would start bleeding. It wasn’t as bad as some of the other patients the nurse had seen for similar surgeries, so I can be thankful for that. From what the resident says, I’m also less swollen and more healed up than other patients. *phew*

I am also ever so thankful to have Ryan in my life. Excluding actual surgery time, he was there at the hospital with me the entire time. He slept on the uncomfy fold-out and made sure I was attended to. He kept me entertained, even when I was really frustrated that I couldn’t communicate [thank goodness for dry erase boards!].

White Board

I was discharged after lunch around 2:00, and the first night home was super uncomfortable. My face would go to and from being severely swollen. Breathing was difficult throughout the night. I was super congested. Still am!

I’m hoping that the next few days will ease up. It’s not like I can go back and undo everything. Eating will be an arduous task until the bands come off. I can’t even feel half of my lips, so eating without a syringe leads to me losing over half the meal in my lap. I’m sticking to the syringe for now. It’s slow, so tough. My appetite’s already back, so that makes it extra tough.

So far, I’m describing myself as: A Wallace and Gromit character with bruises and a dirty face…

Hope everyone’s having a great new year!

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