Hearst Castle – #92!

An update on the 101 in 1001 list:

092 – Visit Hearst Castle.
Crossing this one off the list! Ryan and I visited Hearst Castle on our way up from Southern California. Rather than stop by on our way down, we decided to squeeze this into the latter half of the trip. Actually, the morning after Christmas, we tried to reserve two spots online for Saturday afternoon. There were two spots open, so we were about to reserve that. However, to make reservations, you have to create an account and log into the site first. By the time we had that all set up, the two spaces were gone! What are the chances of that!?!

So we were both a bit disappointed. We could either reserve an early morning slot or wait until Sunday. Waiting wasn’t really on our list, so we decided to leave LA early. We would stay in a motel or inn nearby the night before and just head over to Hearst Castle from there. Unfortunately, because we had late dinner with Carlos in Hollywood, we ended up not leaving LA until 10. The drive was quite long, and when we arrived in Morro Bay at 1am, we were stuck with very few options on where to stay – whatever was open. Meh. The place was alright, except the pipes weren’t clean, so the water was all gross and rusty.

We woke up bright and early the next morning to drive up to Hearst Castle. Our reservation was for 8:40, but since we arrived 15 minutes early, we were able to squeeze onto the tour group ahead of ours. Great views. Interesting tour guides. Freezing cold fingers. It was $20 well-spent. And now I can cross #92 off my list.

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