Holey Moley.

So here I am with my new hairstyle. The main difference would be the bangs – yeah, those scraggly pieces of hair covering my forehead. Those would be them. I like it, but I guess I will have to go in every so often to get them trimmed. Maybe I should attempt it myself to save money!

And I also had a few inches taken off the rest of the hair, just to maintain a healthy head of hair. Lately, I’ve been shedding like crazy. It all comes out in the shower, so whenever I’m done, there’s a fuzzy animal at the bottom of the tub. Gross, I know!

To top my new look off, I went ahead and got some teeth removed! No, not right in front. Well, at first I thought it’d be somewhere noticeable, and so I was freakin’ out. Luckily, they had some of the back ones removed, so it’s not all that visible unless I open up wide. Still the three holes are uncomfortable since I only got the teeth taken out last night. I’ll be eating soft food for a few days!

“You know, I really like these teeth.”

“They’re nice, but you’ve got too many.”

Damn it. I was scared of the whole procedure though. It’s a little strange how in dreams of teeth falling out, they just pop right out. My teeth must be strong because it took the oral surgeon quite some time to pry them out of my mouth!

I’m one step closer to my jaw surgery! Next step – braces! I’m one step closer to becoming Uglier Betty without glasses! Oh the jokes I could tell had I not gotten LASIK done. Hehe.

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  • The bangs look good. You know the bangs look makes you look younger. I heard that somewhere.

    and wow, teeth pulling, not a fun time. :(

    Uglier betty LOL You know some people find braces attractive. I know, all kinds of different people.

  • Cute!!!

  • The bangs are hawt. I thought I was going to have to wait until you came up to Portland to see them.

    Kudos to you for getting teeth pulled. It’s always so fun. :(

  • The hairstyle suits you!

    What a cute blog … fun, happy, loves life!

    Keep it up!

    Your new BFF,
    Miss Trashahassee

  • crapediem

    Haven’t said “hi” in ages, but “hi!” now :) Sorry, I’ve been nuts and fallen way behind. Hope all’s been well.

    You look good with the haircut! Coincidentally, I had my hair cut last Thursday, August 23. Not really a big deal, but since I had long hair (waist length), I had it cut to shoulder length. It felt a little radical and scary, heh, though this is just a warm up. I have been trying to decide on some sort of cut that would look good on me (considering my age, shape of face, preferences and habits) and it’s tougher to find than I would think.

  • Ignore my facebook comment ;). I hated having my teeth pulled for braces. What a pain (literally). Yeah, but that does put you one step closer to the jaw sx. Plus, get used to eating mushy food…that is all that you’ll be able to eat with your jaws wired shut….

  • Those bangs look so good on you! I always envy people who can pull them off :) Maybe I could… but I’m so bad at hair maintenance, they’d end up always being in my eyes.

  • diz

    Love the bangs! I haven’t had bangs since high school, and now that I’m on thyroid meds, I’m noticing more hair falling out. Figures that it’s *after* I donated 9 inches worth!