Holiday Party + Netflixed Aftermath

Saturday evening was the fancy holiday ball that I got my hair and make-up done for. Hair took nearly four hours because it was at an awkward length that the stylist [still-in-training] couldn’t seem to figure out. Make-up didn’t take nearly as long. I wasn’t all too thrilled with it since all photos taken with a flash resulted in me appearing as if I had a white mask over my eyes. Ugh.

Anyway, here I am before the party:

And here I am with my date, Andrew. If any ladies out there need a holiday party date, he’s a great candidate. I had to leave him alone for about an hour while I worked the door, and by the time I came back, he’d already mixed and mingled!

It was a fantastic evening. Lots of fun throughout, chatting up with friends and seeing everyone all glammed out! I, unfortunately, partied a little too hard with the wine. The trolley ride to the after party gave me motion sickness. :/ It was not pretty. Although we already had tickets, we didn’t end up making it to the after party. Ryan picked us up and took care of me the rest of the evening.

I spent Sunday on the couch trying to keep my food down instead of checking out the Dickens Fair as originally planned. Went through a lot of Instant Netflix! :p

Yellowstone: Battle for Life: Winter
Yellowstone: Battle for Life: Summer
Bottle Shock
The Amish: People of Preservation
Colossal Squid: Colossal Squid
Disneyland Resort: Behind the Scenes

Since all flights to Vegas seem pretty booked up for this weekend, I’m missing out on a girls’ weekend. I’ll get to check out the fair instead!

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  • Anonymous

    You look gorgeous!

    Andrei and I will be going to the fair on Sunday as he’s entered in a beer in their competition. We’ll likely be going early to avoid crowds (when they open) if you’re interested in joining us. :-)

    • Thanks!

      We’re going on Saturday because I have a few other things lined up for Sunday, and we wanted to make the most of our ticket..

  • Love the dress!

    • thanks! i got it at the bcbg max azria outlet. thankfully, on sale. :)

  • you DO look good. including the eye makeup :p don’t know what you’re talking about, miss.

    • I had to photoshop a bunch of other pictures that we took. you can’t tell in this one b/c the pro had a better flash. :P and possibly edited it too!

  • What fun! I love your life. :)

    • You wouldn’t have wanted that Sunday of mine. I couldn’t keep any food down. It was terrible! :p

  • Meow! You’re a cat!

  • Nanette

    Hawt! You look amazing!

  • Lin

    You look HOT!!!! I love the hair and makeup! Netflix is a great hangover cure :-)

    • :) Thank you so much for the compliment.

      Yeah, so glad we had that. Or I’d have to send Ryan out to the Redbox DVD thing at the grocery store!

  • isn’t amelie the best? your hair is epic!

    • Yeah, Ryan had never seen Amelie, so it was the perfect opportunity to rewatch it. :) I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get my hair up like that myself, but it’s definitely worth going out and having someone do it for you.

  • Looking gorgeous! Too bad about not feeling well though. The Dickens thing sounds like a lot of fun, hope you get to go.