In love with a machine…

Random thought: Why do we usually sneeze in pairs?

This past week off has been a lazy one. I’ve slept in every day. It’ll be difficult going back to work tomorrow. Today was no different. I didn’t roll out of bed until after 10am. The sister stayed the night, and so we woke up to RV preparing French toast and fried potatoes.

We like to use Hawaiian sweet rolls or pan de leche [Filipino sweet rolls] for our French toast. It gives it an extra hint of sweetness. This morning, we used pan de leche and topped them with a drizzle of condensed milk! It’s how I’ve made French toast for as long as I can remember, and I’ve since passed that information to RV. :p

Lightly crispy on the outside and soft in the inside. We sprinkled a little bit of paprika and sea salt for flavor.

It was a super low-key day. We didn’t end up meeting with friends at the coffee shop. Instead, we loafed around at home most of the day and did a late Costco run. Unfortunately since they all carry different items, we couldn’t find the udon noodles we’d picked up at the Costco in the East Bay. We picked up a rotisserie chicken to go with our otherwise vegetarian meal of hummus and baba ghanoush instead.



Homemade baba ghanoush! This has got to be one of my favorite ways to eat eggplant. Another favorite is stuffed [often found at dim sum restaurants], which one of these days I will have to learn.

Homemade hummus! I soaked the chickpeas for part of the day, but it was most likely not long enough. The hummus turned out quite dry even after boiling them for what seemed like an hour. Next time I will try soaking them overnight!

I love my food processor! The last time we had Mediterranean night, I was still using the old machine. It was smaller and louder! The new one is so much better. I made plenty of everything, so I will be bringing that to work for lunch tomorrow. In fact, I made so much that both the sister and RV are bringing some to work tomorrow.

Does anyone else watch Modern Family?

It appears that there haven’t been new shows lately [at least on Hulu], so after RV dropped the sister off at home, we watched Pushing Daisies on Netflix instead. I remember a few episodes when it was on the air, but I’ve always been terrible at following shows. Considering it only lasted two seasons, we’ll be caught up in no time… even if our television habit is usually less than an hour a week! You can tell we’re a hit at parties when we don’t understand all the television references thrown at us. :/

How much television [real-time or internet] do you watch a week?

To summarize the day’s eats:

Eat in Month 2010 – 01.02.11

fresh carrot juice
fruit leather
fried potatoes and French toast

leftover miso soup

chicken livers
homemade hummus and baba ghanoush w/ tortilla chips
rotisserie chicken

chocolate truffle + Cabernet Sauvignon port

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  • Mmm I loooove baba ghanouj. I think we sneeze in pairs (or in threes, like my niece) to get everything out! Especially if it’s a pepper/dust sneeze and not a head cold sneeze!

    • That makes sense. :) The body has amazing self-defense mechanisms. Sometimes I go up to three also.

  • It’s so hard getting back in the routine of things, especially after a long hiatus! But I hope your work day is going by smoothly! Happy New Year! The food looks so yummy!

  • I’ve been watching pushing daisies lately too. I had seen almost all of the first season first run, and the first couple episodes of season two, but they are all new to me now (I have about 4 episodes left, then sadness. Never enough of a Bryan Fuller show to satisfy). Have you seen Wonderfalls?

    • I’ve not seen Wonderfalls. I’ll have to look into it. :)

    • Finished Pushing Daisies last night. WANT MORE.

      • Just watched another episode last night. We’re still in Season One, so we have a ways to go! :P

  • I’ve never made baba! But I’m going to try it…soon.

    I don’t watch a lot of tv…I canceled the cable last year because it seemed like such a waste, and occasionally we’ll have the tv on for a little while, but we’re more likely to watch a movie once a week…and once in a while I get hooked on a certain show on hulu and watch as many episodes as I can in a short amount of time (the last two were glee and private practice).

    Sounds like you had a relaxing day!


    • Yeah, we don’t have cable either. It just seemed like a lot of money to pay for television that we didn’t watch. It wasn’t justified at all. I don’t feel so bad about our internet bill because it includes television and movies. :)

      They’re locking up some episodes of shows now that they are implementing Hulu Plus. Are you planning on getting that?

  • That french toast looks absolutely amazing. I’ve never used sweet bread or condensed milk in french toast before.

    I loved Pushing Daisies. Great show!

  • Ok so my best friend is half Filipino and she never mentioned pan de leche! So now I need to kick her arse b/c it looks fantastic :)

    I’ve never made the baba before but it kinda be that hard right?

    • It’s easy if you have the patience to roast an eggplant, and the food processor does the rest.

  • Edit–can’t be that hard :)

    • If you comment with a Disqus account, you can go in and edit your comment after posting it! :P

  • Lin

    I watch wayyy to much tv on the internet. netflix makes it worse! your baba ghanoush looks divine!

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