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While all posts related to braces and jaw surgery have been filed under the category Metal Mouth, I created this page to organize my thoughts and make finding information a lot easier.

I have known since I was young about the impending jaw surgery. For awhile, I accepted my jaw as it was. I realized after many dentist visits [and securing a good health insurance plan] that I’d have to seriously consider jaw surgery if I intended to eat at the age of 60.

It’s been a very long journey, even once I started the ball rolling. Here’s the timeline:




  • Apr : I get laid off, but with COBRA, I keep my health insurance. *phew*
  • Aug : Insurance approves the surgery! Due to scheduling issues, the next available surgery date is in October!
  • Sep : I think I have a surgery date. I visit the orthodontist for what I would assume to be the last time pre-surgery. Hooks are in place! At my pre-op appointment, however, I find out the surgeon has been double-booked.
  • Oct : A date in November opens up.
  • Dec : That falls through, and an old/new date scheduled. I go to another pre-op appointment. I finally say “Goodbye” to the old face.


    I document my hospital stay and count down to 2010.



  • Apr : I get news that the braces will be coming off soon! Up until this point, I’ve been going to my monthly adjustment appointments.
  • May : Braces off at the end of the month. HUZZAH!
  • June : A retainer to wear for the rest of my life. Oh, and reshaping the teeth and covering up my itty bitty canine with a veneer.

Pre-orthodontic Treatment | Before/After | More Before/After | X-rays!

Et cetera:
Orthognathic/Jaw Surgery Essentials: a useful list of items to keep around after surgery

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I was also thinking of including a FAQ section, so if you have questions regarding orthodontics and jaw surgery, send them my way or just leave a comment on a related post!