July 2011 Reflection

July was…

Escaping 100 degree heat by taking a trip to Lassen National Park where there was SNOW. Only hours away from heat that makes your head hurt, an entirely different environment!

Lassen National Park in July

Picasso exhibit at the de Young.

Crazy Stupid Love and the abs that make the “freebie” list [Hello there, Ryan Gosling]. Gotta love the screenshot function!

Ryan Gosling's ABS

Yosemite National Park and Half Dome. Being sore for an entire week after that.

Several fun Yelp events.

Revisiting the acupuncturist.

Going crazy with our Ikea visits. Building that Ikea furniture while wearing a tiara.

Puppy hunt.

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  • Sounds like a pretty lovely July!!! I’m glad you had a great one and here’s to an AWESOME August! :D

    • Yeah, the most “summery” month so far. :) Can’t believe it’s already AUGUST.

  • Hello there, Ryan Gosling.


  • Oooh la la on those abs! I just did a July wrap up too… must be true what they say about great minds thinking alike! :)

  • I think wearing a tiara while building IKEA furniture sounds like a great idea. Might have to try it out next time I consider throwing the whole thing out the window because I can’t understand what the little pictures are trying to tell me to do.

    • I left out the part where I was also drinking wine at the same time. It might have slowed me down a bit, but I’m pretty good at matching the pictures to the parts… Sometimes guessing works too. :P

  • B

    I think next time wear the tiara while shopping in Ikea! 

    • Now THAT is an idea! LOL.

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