July 2014 in Pictures : Month of Sasha

At the beginning of July, we found out that Sasha had lymphoma. Without chemotherapy, she would have about 4 to 6 weeks left. I dedicated most of July’s #365infocus photo project to documenting our lives with Sasha one final time.

July 2014 in Pictures

When Sasha arrived at our home, she was seven years young. Her family of seven years had abandoned her for reasons that we didn’t dig into. She was now a part of our family, and we hoped to enjoy many years with our new friend.

It wasn’t smooth sailing with Sasha in the first six months when we were still learning to incorporate her into our lives, but slowly and surely, it happened. Even Sergio grew to love her.

July 2014 in Pictures

With steroids and a bunch of supplements keeping her going in the following weeks, it was pretty obvious where this was all headed. Some days were better than others, and it gave us a false sense of hope, even when we knew what was inevitable.

July 2014 in Pictures

We will never forget her energy and smile, her nuttiness, and her love for her pack.

July 2014 in Pictures

The evening before her last day was a Thursday night. Ryan decided on a whim to take her out to romp around at her favorite neighborhood park. He had prepared an extra special meal for her that evening as well because she was acting a little pickier than normal. We didn’t know at the time that those would be her last walk and last meal.

July 2014 in Pictures

We knew she was close, but not this close. We had called the in-home vet during the day to make an appointment for Monday with a back-up appointment for Saturday.

She never made it that far. On Friday morning, things seemed normal. She even walked to the top of the stairs to send me off to work. Friday noon, Ryan sent me a text. I tried to bargain.

Fortunately, my selfish request was not answered. Her body was no longer her own, and to drag her through another minute would have been torture.

And just like that, about four weeks from our initial vet visit and three years from when we first met her, we said goodbye to our dear companion Sasha.

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