Kite Failing

An update on the 101 in 1001 list:

005 – Fly a kite.
My attempts at finding a kite to fly have been foiled.

On Saturday, we wandered down to Chinatown to one of very few kite shops in San Francisco. Didn’t see anything that caught my eye in terms of looks or price range. On Sunday, we wandered out to the Sports Basement in Chrissy Field. There were kites on display. Must’ve been a very busy kiting season because the actual kites were sold out, except for a fancier $40 one. So instead of flying a kite, we walked around a bit, sat at the beach a little bit, took silly pictures on indoor benches a little bit…

You get the picture.

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  • AY

    This has nothing to do with kites, but I lust for your purse.

  • Why is the cartoon trying to stick a banana in your butt?

  • You are not writing so I am posting again here.

    Hi :-)