I’ve been going to an acupuncturist for the last month or so. At the latest session, she suggested that I cut dairy from my diet for awhile to see how things went. I was seriously devastated. Could it be? Was I, after all these years, a lactard? I really didn’t want to believe it. I don’t even get any of the symptoms. Some people I know have major pooping issues upon consumption of even the tiniest amount. I don’t have that problem!

Despite the fact that I don’t even consume a lot of dairy products, there are still essentials. For one, butter. What? Give up butter? CRAZY! Then, there’s also ice cream. I don’t even eat a lot of it! Or how about bleu cheese? There’s milk in milk chocolate! Where do I draw the line? Is it okay if it’s processed? Or is dairy just BAD for me?

I know there’s Lactaid for the lactose intolerant, but I’m skeptical on whether or not that will help if I’m still eating dairy. It will get rid of symptoms that I don’t even have… And apparently it’s dairy that’s screwing up with my inner organs, so I’m giving it a shot anyway. This seriously kills.

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  • Wow, how is that acunpuncture working for you? I think acupuncture is actually covered by my medical and have been seriously considering it.

    Also, I think I’m a lactard but not sure. sometimes if i drink too much milk (and i drink nonfat milk) I get the poops. But not always. it’s weird. I don’t know. let us know how it works out for you, I’m curious.

  • Yeah, you don’t have to be a lactard to benefit from cutting back on dairy. Yogurt is the notable exception, though. That stuff is awesome. XD

    Kinda unrelated, but you may want to check out “In Defense of Food” or just watch this video:


    BTW, did I tell you I’m gonna hit up Burning Man this year?!

  • L

    Ah yes, dairy. I remember dairy. I’m not saying that the soy milk and soy yogurt-like substance are bad, but I don’t think my body recognizes them as food, so I’m still hungry after breakfast.

  • I don’t think I could do it. Not completely anyway. Yogurt is a must for other reasons, butter because it’s delicious, and cheese is my go-to food when I’m too lazy to feed myself a reasonable meal. If I were you, I’d try cutting it out entirely for a little while and then working my way back up slowly to find a new, acceptable level of moderation. Good luck!