Eat Las Vegas : Lotus of Siam – Dining with the Texans at BiSC

During Bloggers in Sin City of 2012, a group of us ventured off the Strip for a late lunch at Lotus of Siam. It came highly recommended and was worth the trip out to spend some time with the Texan contingency at BiSC. We ordered our dishes family style, so that everyone could try a little bit of everything. Good thing too because it was all delicious!

Lotus of Siam

Lotus of Siam

Chef Saipin Chutima specializes in Northern Thai cuisine, but really, everything we ordered was top notch. Great flavors. Fresh ingredients. We couldn’t have asked for a better meal to introduce one of our blogging buddies to Thai food.

Lotus of Siam Lotus of Siam

We made sure to order the gamut – a crispy appetizer, the ever popular Pad Thai, the Pad See Ew, deliciously drunken noodles, and a curry too.

Lotus of Siam Lotus of Siam

And being a group of social media savvy bloggers, there were photos all around to document the experience.

The Bloggers at Lotus of Siam

Treavor of Cerulean Union

Ashley of Your Super Awesome Life and Anita of Fearless Captivations

Linda of Curious Notions, The Sister, and Me


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  • Banana Wonder

    Nice! What did you think and what was your fav dish? I went there in December with the future husband and we noshed out.

    • Drunken noodles were my favorite, but their Pad Thai was really good as well. Everything was solid, and I’m glad we got a chance to stop by. We came in right before the kitchen closed for the afternoon!

  • That’s me! Good stuff. Thanks for exposing me to new Thai food.

    • The best part is that the Thai food was good. Say no to exposing to bad food!

  • My favorite thing about eating with bloggers is that I don’t have to feel like a crazy person taking pictures of my food because everyone else is doing the exact same thing.

    • Agreed! I also try not to take too long with the photos because usually I’m hungry too. :p

  • AshleyD

    It was all so good! We have to go back next year!

    • Yes, I told Linda it could be a tradition! :P