Finally got my act together and went in to see an oral surgeon a couple of weeks ago. The surgeon himself was quite nice, ran through the entire process with me, and then I was left with the business manager. Yeah, not a fan. She was patronizing, trying to be friendly by giving me examples of why I was considering surgery, yada yada. Just talked too much. I left the office with a sour taste. She also encouraged me to change my insurance plan, so that I would have coverage for that particular surgeon. He was not part of any network and therefore, most of the insurance plans my company has would have been only 80% coverage. Yeah, no. PLUS, the consultation itself was $150 – outrageous! Especially since it consisted of him telling me what I already knew and the business manager just annoying me for 30 minutes.

So I decided to get my records out of there and seek a surgeon within my own network.

After all the traveling around the country for work, I set up an appointment with a surgeon in my network. The appointment was today. It felt like he didn’t examine me as extensively as the first surgeon I went to see, but apparently – the process requires that my case be studied by a group of ~10 specialists (surgeons and orthodontists) to get their input as to how he should proceed. Kinda neat. It’s a teaching hospital, so I guess it runs a little bit differently. I might actually prefer this. All those second opinions can’t be completely bad, yea?

And since they are covered by my insurance (fingers crossed on this one), I’m a little less worried. $40 for the visit today. Just don’t want to go through the hassle of switching and still not getting coverage.

ANYWAY, on to the subject of this entry – the oral surgeon had an assistant of sorts. I’m assuming he was a resident? They called him Dr. also. Eye candy. I didn’t mind that he had to take my mold more than once! A definite McHotty. *swoon*

I hear from the surgeon next month after Spain. Then, it will be the beginning of the end… Teeth extraction, braces, the works.

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  • Pat

    Hope that goes well, so far, I have only see an OS for some molar removals… No fun, but not that bad either.

  • L

    I’m about done with my $8-10K out of pocket dental expenses for the year. Sometimes I wonder if the insurance is actually paying for any of it.