Mellow Weekend

Chinese New Year is a few weeks away. In preparation, we dedicated our Sunday to cleaning and organizing the house. If you walked into the house today, you wouldn’t even believe this. The place is STILL a mess! It is, however, an improvement from last week!

I also spent the weekend tackling handmade gifts, but I didn’t get very far. My knitting and crocheting skills are minimal and need a lot of practice. I do love that if you mess up, you can just unravel the yarn and start over. It was really frustrating, however, to start over 20+ times though.

Thankfully I have an entire year to get these five gifts out.

“Eating in” continued over the weekend in the form of family dinners. We were at RV’s mom’s house on Saturday so that he could help her pack up for the big move. Sunday, we went over to my uncle’s house for an early tuen neen fan. It is supposed to take place the eve of New Year’s, but we have another one of these dinners to attend then.

I can’t remember every dish consumed over the weekend, so I’m just going to skip that portion of the recap! Eating in hasn’t been particularly difficult for us, but it does make us more aware of meal planning. PLUS, we’re saving money in one area of our lives to spend on another!

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  • I wanted to do the eat in challenge…but I failed…after 5 days:(

    • :p It was easier for me because we already ate in half the time. We just had to eliminate the other half. It’s hard though when you run out of time. Thankfully we found some quicker recipes, and we always have family dinners to balance it out too.

  • I want to get better about “eating in”, but I simply love trying out new restaurants, so that’s a tough one :o/ Glad you had productive weekend!

    • I know! I love new restaurants too, so I feel like I’m missing out this month. :p

  • Oh man, eating in for a whole month would be so hard for us! Yikes! I don’t even want to think about how terrible the results of that would be. We need to thoroughly clean our house too. I’m working on it room by room.

    • Our guest room has been our dumping ground, so we’re starting there… and it seems endless. :p