Mexico City in 9 Days (Part I)

Mexico City was amazing. So much good food, sights to see, things to do. I don’t usually post itineraries or recaps in detail, but I need to get back in the blogging game. It may also be useful for those of you considering a trip to Mexico City. It’s a pretty quick flight from the states and a relatively inexpensive trip to enjoy.

Mexico in 9 Days

Saturday, October 31 – ARRIVAL

AFTERNOON: Arrive at the airport and take an Uber to your Airbnb. Quickly drop your bags off in your room since your hosts just asked if you’re hungry and want to go grab a bite to eat. Yes, you’re starving! Eat delicious Marlin tacos at El Pescadito Condesa DF. Pro tip: Instead of standing in the long line to be seated inside at a table, order at the register for take out and pick up your food next door and enjoy on the bench right outside.

Mexico City - El Pescadito Condesa

Spend the rest of the afternoon trying to find a working ATM and acquiring SIM cards for your phones with no success.

EVENING: Your hosts help you with acquiring SIM cards, but your ATM card still isn’t working. Thankfully your credit card is accepted everywhere since you have zero cash on you. Not even a peso when the cute little kids all decked out in their Halloween costumes come trick or treating. They don’t trick or treat for candy (which you also have none of), so all you can do is turn them away when they approach you on the street.

Make reservations on your phone for a fancy restaurant because you just happened to walk by the one recommended to you by the community manager of Yelp Mexico City. Show up ten minutes later at Biko in your street clothes. Feel awkward for the first five minutes because your waiter offered you an aperitif, but you’re not sure how or what to order, so you ask for a minute. When he returns, you realize you have lost your chance at a pre-meal drink. Use Translator on your phone to read the menu, even though you will order the tasting menu and share a wine pairing.

Mexico City - Biko

Walk home because that was a really big meal.

Sunday, November 1 – DAY ONE

MORNING: It’s your first real day in Mexico City. Time to take advantage of all it has to offer! Ride Ecobicis to the Eat Mexico tour you signed up for (Comidas & Calaveritas at Mercado Jamaica). Show up late because you didn’t realize how long it would take to get there. Good thing you got SIM cards the night before, so you can text your guide on your way to the meeting point.

Your tour starts, and once you arrive at Mercado Jamaica, your face stuffing begins. Tlacoyos with huitlacoche (aka corn fungus), tamales, champurrado/atole, quesadillas with squash blossoms, huaraches… All the while, you learn about preparations for Dia de los Muertos. The flowers, altars, paper cut-outs and more.

Mexico City - Mercado Jamaica Mexico City - Mercado Jamaica

Have so much food and fun, and hop on the subway back to your Airbnb once it’s all over and done!

AFTERNOON: Hang out with your Airbnb hosts and their friends because they’re having a birthday BBQ! Eat delicious foods, drink beer, and chit chat with the locals. Take a blurry selfie. It’ll be the only photo you have with one of your amazing Airbnb hosts!

Birthday BBQ

Mexico City - Panteon Civil de DoloresEVENING: Take a break from the party to check out some Dia de los Muertos festivities! Grab an Uber for Panteón Civil de Dolores, the largest cemetery in Mexico.

After telling your Uber that you’re absolutely sure you want to be dropped off there, you wander the perimeter of the cemetery. There’s nobody in sight, and it’s super dark out. You come to the conclusion that it is CLOSED. You got here too late. Festivities ended by 9pm! Time to head back to the Airbnb. Luckily, the party is still bumping!

Now to figure out the ATM situation. Finally give in and call your bank via Skype because there’s no way every single ATM in Mexico City does not work with your card. Verify your identity and that you’ve walked up to over a handful ATMs, trying to withdraw varying amounts in order to test your card. Once cleared, test the card at an ATM because you need cash to pay your tour guide the next day. It FINALLY works! *phew*

Buy beer for the party, using cash because their card reader is broken.

Mexico City – REAL TALK

  • Use Uber to get around. If you have access to an Ecobici, the bikes are great for quick trips.
  • Make sure to notify your banks/credit cards early.
  • For SIM cards, get a smaller card first. Add minutes/data online or at a convenient store later. We used Telcel.
  • Book a food/market tour with Eat Mexico. It’s a bit more expensive, but worth it!
  • Panteón Civil de Dolores closes by 9pm. Get there in the early evening for Dia de Muertos festivities!
  • Eat at: El Pescadito Condesa DF and Biko.

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