Mexico City in 9 Days (Part II)

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Mexico City

Monday, November 2 – DAY TWO

MORNING: Wake up bright and early to meet your guide from Journeys Beyond the Surface. He’s here to spend the next 8 hours with you. It will be a full day of sights and learning! Visit Plaza de las Tres Culturas in Tlatelolco, an archaeological excavation site in Mexico City. Continue the tour to the Pyramids of Teotihuacan. But first, ask the guide if he can stop somewhere along the way for you to pick up a small bite. No scaling the pyramids on an empty stomach!

Arrive at Teotihuacan.

Buy a hat, even though you brought sunscreen the night before. Climb the pyramids. Take pictures. Clap your hands around the Plaza of the Moon to hear the echo and check out the acoustics. Visit the Palacio de Quetzalpapalotl. Swing by the special “Dia de los Muertos” exhibit on your way out.


A few hours have gone by, so you’re hungry again. Eat lunch. Admire the view of the pyramids from the restaurant (Mayahuel Restaurant). Comment on how crowded the pyramids seem to be, compared to when you first arrived. Try pulque for the first time.

AFTERNOON: Rest your eyes while you sit in a little traffic on the way back to Mexico City. Basilica de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, one of the most important pilgrimage sites in Catholicism, is next. Walk the grounds. Learn the story. See the sights. Admire the views because sometimes the haze can overwhelm it. There are a set of moving walkways for viewing the original cloak of Juan Diego with the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Mexico City

The eight hours have flown by. Pay your guide. Take your guide up on his offer to drop you off at Panteón Civil de Dolores. It’s round 2 at the cemetery – this time, a success! Spend an hour or so wandering around and observing the festivities and decorated gravestones.

EVENING: Pull up the list of restaurants recommended by your Airbnb hosts. Make reservations online for Azul Condesa and hop into an Uber. After dinner, walk to Licoreria Limantour (recommended by your Eat Mexico guide) in Roma Norte for drinks. It is #20 on the World’s 50 Best Bars of 2015.

Mexico City - Licoreria Limontour
Lassi Orwell and Jamaica Mezcal

Consider walking home, but take an Uber because one of you doesn’t feel 100%. Maybe the water is finally getting you? The 15 minute ride sure beats the 35 minute walk when you’re not feeling so great.

Tuesday, November 3 – DAY THREE

MORNING: Ride Ecobicis to Panaderia Rosetta. Stop yourself from ordering all the baked goods. They are fantastic! You will consider coming back here for breakfast another day, but there are too many places to try.

Mexico City - Panaderia Rosetta

Take an Uber to Coyoacan for Museo Frida Kahlo. Stand in line because you didn’t reserve tickets online ahead of time. It’s a quick wait though. Buy a photo pass, so you can take pictures inside Casa Azul.

Mexico City - Casa Azul
Altar at Casa Azul

AFTERNOON: Walk to Mercado de Coyoacan. At the first tostada stand you see (Tostadas La Chaparrita), sit down and start ordering. For being hungry, that’s probably the fastest you’ll make a food decision. Once satisfied, wander around the market and then out to the main square of Coyoacan. Visit the Museo Nacional de Culturas Populares. Learn about La Familia Burron. Their Dia de los Muertos displays are still on exhibit, even though the related programs ended the day before.

Mexico City - Museo Nacional de Culturas Populares

Margarita break at La Cervecería de Barrio. Re-seat yourself downstairs away from the smoking lounge upstairs.

EVENING: Since you were thinking of going to a Lucha Libre match, look online for the experience someone at your hosts’ birthday BBQ a few days ago had recommended. The one he mentioned is a hop-on hop-off bus that leaves the Cathedral and includes front row seats. The only hop-on hop-off bus affiliate you find (Turi*Luchas) leaves from Reforma 222, a shopping mall on Paseo de la Reforma. Take an Uber to Reforma 222. Buy tickets for Turi*Luchas at the information desk. Grab a loaded salad bowl from Daylight Salads as a pre-Lucha Libre snack upstairs in the food court. Head down to the bus line at the designated time. Stand in line. Watch the Turi*Luchas bus (it has a mask on front) fill up and take off with a camera crew and a group of teenagers.

Take the regular unmasked bus that shows up 20 minutes later instead. Put on the Lucha Libre masks they hand you on the bus. Brush up on your limited Spanish as the entire tour is in Spanish. Have a ton of fun, even though you’re confused if you picked the right tour. You aren’t sitting in the front row, which might be for the better. There’s a lot of action on the ground!

Mexico City - TuriLuchas

Late night snacking at La Casa de los Abuelos before a combination of biking and walking home.

Mexico City – Real Talk

  • Monday is a great day to visit Teotihuacan. Many museums are closed on Mondays, but Teotihuacan is not.
  • Make reservations for Museo Frida Kahlo if you know the specific time you want to visit. Otherwise, visit earlier in the day on a weekday.
  • Private tours with Journeys Beyond the Surface are a great way to see Mexico City. Your itinerary is created based on what you’re interested in. They’ll also provide suggestions for other days of your visit to Mexico City.
  • Eat the pastries at Panaderia Rosetta. There have also been great reviews of the affiliated restaurant.
  • Drink at Licoreria Limantour. There’s another location in Polanco, but the one in Roma Norte is the one on the top bars list.

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