088 – Move out of parents’ house.

There was really only one way to cross this item off my list. That would be by completing another item from my list :

070 – Buy another house.

The house closed earlier this month. I’ve not moved in as the place needs a bit of work. Plus, surgery has put my life on hold in some aspects. No more heavy lifting since I’ve lost all muscle. RV’s started moving his belongings over. He finished his lease early, so he would save on a few months of rent. The nice part is that his apartment will waive the penalty of one month’s rent [which isn’t so bad to begin with] if he finds a replacement. Pretty sweet deal, considering the apartment manager already had someone in mind who will come by to check out his place this week.

In other news, since I’ve been on antibiotics this whole time, I’ve not been drinking. So that has allowed me to work on: 035 – No alcoholic beverages for two months of the year. and 037 – Do not eat out for two weeks twice a year. Considering that I’m only starting these now, I should really restrain for the next six months! For the record, no alcoholic beverages for one full month is nearly complete, and I haven’t eaten out for about the same time.

The last week of December, I attended my 10-year high school reunion. It was as odd as I’d expected, but thanks to the wonderful world of social media, most appeared as I’d seen in photographs. So 087 – Attend 10-year high school reunion. is off the list.

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