One Big Comprehensive List

– Completed #60 on the 101 in 1001. It was a beautiful day spent at the Legion of Honor with some good friends. This was the same day that we failed miserably at finding a kite to fly.

– Got an iPhone because my friend agreed to be on a family plan with me – YAY! Went and picked up a case for it today.

– Got ridiculously ill and skipped out on work for two days. Even though I was sick and stayed at home, I was STILL working. Ugh! I went back on Friday when I should’ve stayed home instead. I was so weak and tired, but I still got my work done. I’m hoping to relax and recover over the weekend.

– Started using the Neti pot for my sinus health. Basically, you’re running water in one nostril and out through the other. Not as painful as it sounds, just a little WEIRD. At first, it felt like I was stuffing my sinus with water, but when you lean the right way, the water goes through. I felt less congested, so I’ve been doing that for a few days.

– Caught up with Lucy, a gal I knew in high school.

That’s all that’s new…

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  • Hope your friend is good looking because you’re stuck with him for the next two years!


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